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The leading Linux desktop

A beautiful, high-quality desktop, built on the latest open source technology. Trusted, powerful and easy.

Why Fedora Workstation?

  • Megbízható

    Each version is updated for approximately 13 months, and upgrades between versions are quick and easy.

  • Free & private

    With Fedora, your desktop is your own. It's free, there are no ads, and your data belongs to you.

  • Beautiful

    Workstation is carefully curated to deliver a high-quality experience. The desktop is clean and uncluttered.

  • Megbízható

    Developed in partnership with upstream projects. Rigorously tested. Backed by Red Hat.

  • Vezető technológia

    Built on the latest technologies and enhancements that open source has to offer.

  • Makes the most of your device

    Fedora works with hardware vendors to make excellent hardware support across a range of devices.

Features for everyone

Fantastic apps

Fedora comes with a fantastic collection of apps which cater to every need. Easily install the very best desktop apps with the click of a button from Fedora's repositories, Flathub or anywhere else.

Workstation speaks your language

A fordítók globális közösségének köszönhetően a Workstation számos nyelven elérhető.

Turn the lights down low

Flip a switch to turn on dark mode and give your eyes a break. Or use night light to reduce screen glare and help with sleep.

Online fiókintegráció

Opcionálisan az online naptár, névjegyek és az adatok online fiókok segítségével az asztalra hozhatók

Helpful out of the box

Fedora Workstation includes a great set of utilities, like Clocks, Weather and Maps.

Great for developers

Virtualization made easy

Boxes takes the guesswork out of using virtual machines. Just select the OS you want to install, and the app will do the rest.

Termelékenységet növelő asztali funkciók

Használja a teljesítmény módot a hardver sebességének növeléséhez, amikor szüksége van rá. Kapcsolja ki az értesítéseket a Ne zavarjanak funkcióval. Nyomja meg a Szuper billentyűt, és írja be, hogy keresse meg, amire szüksége van.

Containers ready to go

Használja a Red Hat ökoszisztéma legújabb konténereszközeit. Nincs szükség beállításra. Hozzáférés a Red Hat konténer-nyilvántartáshoz.

All the packages developers need

All the packages, tools and runtimes you might need, up to date and ready for use with just a single command.

Get started developing with Fedora Workstation

Built by you

Fedora Workstation is the result of work done across the Fedora Project, and everyone is welcome to participate. To learn how decisions are made about Workstation, see the Fedora Workstation Working Group pages.

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