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Join a community of users and contributors focused on Fedora Silverblue.

Fedora Silverblue is a community-driven project seeking contributions from folks with any skillset. From documentation writing, to beta testing, to helping others by answering questions, there are plenty of ways to get involved and help shape the future of Silverblue!

Communication channels


The Fedora Silverblue tag on Fedora's Discourse-based discussion forum is a great place to connect with other Fedora Silverblue users and contributors.


You can chat with the Fedora Silverblue community via either Matrix or IRC: on Matrix or #silverblue on



Fedora Silverblue is powered by some amazing open-source projects, including ostree, rpm-ostree, and flatpak. If you are a developer, consider helping out with one of these projects.


Fedora Silverblue utilizes interesting, cutting-edge technology, and we need to tell more people about it! If you're a keen writer, contributing to the Fedora Silverblue documentation will help others learn how their system works, and all the cool things they can do with it.


Found something that isn't quite right? Want to propose a change to the way Silverblue works? We want to hear from you! Head over to the Fedora Silverblue issue tracker and let us know.


Fedora has events throughout the year that you can attend, typically in-person or virtually, to learn more about Fedora Workstation as well as meet other users and contributors.

The Annual Fedora Project Conference

Flock は、年に一度に連日にわたって開催される Fedora プロジェクトのコントリビューターのイン・パーソンカンファレンス(オフ会)です。通常、ヨーロッパと北アメリカの間で交互に行われます。カンファレンスは会場で、実際に会って会議や交流を行います。Flock は私たちのコミュニティを祝福する場でもあります。

Flock は毎年8月に行われます。

The Virtual Fedora Project Conference

Nest is our at-home, virtual Flock that has been running since the global outbreak of COVID-19. It takes place over 3 days and includes talks, workshops, hackfests, and social events.

Worldwide & Local Fedora Meetups

Hatch は、Flock / Nest のカンファレンスに先立つ数週間に行われる小規模な、イン・パーソン(対面)でのグローバルの集まりで、お互いの地域の Fedoran(Fedora 使い)に会うことができます。

Fedora Magazine は、Fedora Linux OS 上で動作する自由・オープンソースソフトウェアに関するコミュニティからのショートガイドや宣伝記事をお伝えするウェブサイトです。

The Community Blog provides a single source for members of the community to share important news, updates, and information about Fedora with others in the Project community.