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Fedora Silverblue

The GNOME desktop experience you know and love in an immutable fashion.

Why Go Immutable?

An immutable variant looks, feels, and behaves just like a regular desktop operating system, but your updates are delivered as full images of a working system. This makes every installation identical to every other, and it will never change while in use. What's more, Silverblue will always keep an older version of the system around for you to boot back into, should you need to, allowing you to try new programs, desktops, or even complete version upgrades fearlessly!

The immutable design makes a Silverblue system more stable, less prone to bugs, and easier to test and develop. Applications are installed via Flatpak completely independent of the base system, and CLI tools can utilize the power of containerization with Toolbox.

Silverblue comes with the popular GNOME desktop and follows the standard 13 month release-cycle, making the experience very similar to that of Fedora Workstation.

Built On Top of the Best

GNOME Desktop

A beautiful, high-quality desktop, built on the latest open source technology.


rpm-ostree is a hybrid image/package system. It combines libostree and libdnf to provide atomic and safe upgrades with local RPM package layering.

Applications as Flatpaks

Download thousands of open-source and proprietary, containerized applications thanks to Flatpak.

Toolbx for Development

Easily create OCI containers which are fully-integrated with your host system, enabling seamless usage of both GUI and CLI tools.

Fedora Community & Support

Fedora creates an innovative, free and open source platform for hardware, clouds, and containers that enables software developers and community members to build tailored solutions for their users.

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