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Fedora Budgie Spin

The Fedora Budgie Spin showcases the Budgie Desktop, a feature-rich, modern desktop designed to keep out the way of the user. Budgie Desktop uses common desktop design metaphors while offering users sophisticated functionality such as its Raven widget and notification center, and an approachable method to personalization.

This Spin is designed to align closely with upstream Budgie Desktop, providing a close to vanilla experience with a curated set of default applications that fit in best with Budgie.

Going Online


Explore the World Wide Web with Firefox, the full featured web browser.


Mozilla Thunderbird is a standalone Matrix, mail and newsgroup client. Organize your schedule with the included Lightning calendar application.

Utilities & Configuration

GNOME Terminal

Fedora Budgie Spin ships GNOME Terminal, the gateway to the real power of any UNIX/Linux machine.

Budgie Desktop Settings

Budgie Desktop Settings provide a wide range of capabilities for personalization, from Raven and panel management to theming.

Office & Productivity


LibreOffice is an integrated office suite. It utilizes free and open standards for its document formats and components.


Atril is a simple multi-page document viewer. It can display and print PostScript, DVI, XPS and Portable Document Format files.



Simple interface. Powerful music management. Playlists. Streaming Radio. Podcasts.


A modern media player, using gtk3 and the gstreamer plugin framework.

Eye of MATE

Eye of MATE is meant to be a fast and functional image viewer.

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