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1er Seminario de Tecnologias libres Sucre 2012 Venezuela


Friday 19, Saturday 20

Event Description

Event to be held on October this year in the Library of the Universidad Politécnica de Paria (UPTP) Carúpano. This activity aims to promote and spread the free software community in Sucre Venezuela , our best interest is that through collaborative practices were can get the attention of a wide and diverse set of professionals that promote the greatest extent possible our work for the difussion, promotion and adoption of free technologies, as well as the preparation of equipment which may arise for new technology projects to achieve have future national impact.

We have the participation and presence of community representatives: Fedora Project, LibreOffice Venezuela, Ubuntu Venezuela, VasLibre (From Valencia Edo. Carabobo), Mozilla Venezuela, DotLinux and the LUG GRULICA (Carúpano)

In this edition, we talk:

  • Free Software
  • RPM Packaging
  • Robotics
  • How to get the most out of your Android Smartphone, Android + Pinguino
  • Virtualization and Network Services
  • Server Farms
  • Python, Solutions Applying this powerful language

Location - Carúpano

Fedora Representation

Event Calendar

  • RPM Packaging
  • Booth Event


Event Budget

  • Stickers - 100 Available
  • Banners - 1 Available
  • Flyers - 60 Available
  • Media
  • Shirts
  • Travel(local) and hotel subsidies (3 days)

Event Report