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APAC Plan 2011/12

As per the APAC meeting on 16th April 2011 it was concluded to form a working committee to execute the APAC Plan for the next Fedora releases(F15, F16, F17).

Therefore I would like to invite all the APAC and other great ambassadors to add your ideas in this wiki, moreover it is good to add your name yourself or even nominate others to the committee.

This is a proposal published to the Fedora community with subjected to approve on the APAC meeting - 2011-04-26


Please contact the project organizer for more details and clarifications.


Promote Fedora around the APAC region and make Fedora the number one Free Operating System.


Implement a master plan for the next releases and execute the plan to achieve the vision.

Main Tasks

  • Create a master plan for the 2011/12 covering APAC region.
  • Set the milestones and a timeline for the plan.
  • Execute the plan as per the plan.
  • Facilitate FAm and other individuals to promote Fedora and get their maximum contribution.

Important & Key milestones for the Plan

  • APAC FUDcon - 2nd Half of 2012
  • FAD
  • Marketing in Social Media Networks
  • Effective Media Distribution though out APAC

--Ideads, Suggestions welcome--