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This is a projected forecast for the general Fedora budget for the remainder of FY13.

Notes on Quarters and Fiscal Years

Fedora's fiscal year is split into four quarters, which run from:

  • March 1 - May 31 (Q1)
  • June 1 - August 31 (Q2)
  • September 1 - November 30 (Q3)
  • December 1 - February 28 (Q4)

The current fiscal year for Red Hat is FY13, and thus for ease of things we also refer to this as FY13 in Fedora. FY13 started in March 2012, and will end in February 2013.

Budget for FY13 for Q1

The official wrapup of finances as they were transferred from Community Architecture to OSAS ended at the end of Q1. The report out from CommArch stated that Fedora had utilized ~$34k ($33,900) through Q1.

The only unknown at this point is whether or not the [Community_credit_card_process Community Credit Cards] that ended in May or June were booked into Q1 or not. Finance is currently investigating whehter or not these were built into the final Q1 number or not.

Purchase orders for the F17 media, because they were booked against the Community Architecture cost center during the course of Q1, are (according to Robyn's information) included in this Q1 total figure, regardless or whether or not that PO has been fully paid out at this point.

The 34k