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= Ama Mgbeoji =
* Presently work as System Engineer (Unix, Linux)/DBA (Oracle, MySQL, Sybase) with a world leading telecoms vendor. <BR>
* Started with Linux (Red Hat 7.2) just after graduating from the University and got hooked on Linux and OSS. Have been able to deploy and manage a couple of Linux solutions for both private and business use. <BR>
* Currently work with various flavours of Unix, Linux, and sometimes my work entails integrating Linux and non-Linux operating systems. <BR>
* Is very interested in P2P (peer-to-peer) Solutions especially as concerned with telephony and media streaming.
* Is also very interested in implementing Linux clustering solutions. <BR>
* Is trying all he can to spread the gospel according to OSS in Nigeria. :-)
|'''Email''': ama.mgbeoji AT gmail DOT com  <BR> '''Location''': Lagos, Abuja Nigeria (UTC +1) <BR> '''IRC''': wy2000 <BR> '''Yahoo''': wy_2_k <BR> '''Skype''':

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