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* [[User:Kevins | Kevin Simmons]] / [ K6OW]
* [[User:Kevins | Kevin Simmons]] / [ K6OW]
* Frank /Kj6khf
* Frank /Kj6khf
* [[User:Elwell | Andrew Elwell]]
== Important Links ==
== Important Links ==

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If you are a ham radio operator or a fedora packager/maintainer that is interested in getting some radio related packages in the the Fedora package collection add your name to the members section or send an email to with the subject "SIG: Fedora Hams"


Goal: To improve the Fedora collection by adding packages for amateur radio (Ham Radio) operators and SWLs.


Important Links



  • Most important: Work with upstream application developers to get more software updated for modern Linux distributions
  • Package and test applications
  • Submit packages for review
  • After packages are accepted in to Fedora create a Fedora Hams SIG Spin



  • 2007/11/13: Start of the SIG page.
  • 2007/12/xx: Work on Packages and gauge community interest.
  • 2008/01/06: Start mailing list.
  • 2008/02/22: Formally announce the SIG.