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Fedora Ambassadors - Ambassador Kit

The purpose of the Ambassador Kit is to help Ambassadors better represent Fedora at ad-hoc events, or chance meetings. This is not the same as the Event Box and should not be treated the same. However, Ambassador Kits might be used in the event box at some point, but this is not its purpose.

The goal is to provide a way to allow a Fedora Ambassador to have a turnkey solution for providing Ambassadors with tools to make small or ad-hoc events Fedora a much simpler success. Whether the ambassador is presenting or just sharing with a small group he/she met on the street, the Ambassador Kit can provide a simple, professional look and feel that will win over an interested party. This box would contain materials to allow a somewhat uniform and professional appearance of Fedora at events Ambassadors attend. This is one part of helping lower the hurdle of taking on organizing a Fedora presence at a local event.

Where did this idea come from?

From the idea that Ambassadors needed a better way to represent Fedora to the community in a professional manner.

What's In the kit

The kit is generally an ad-hoc kit containing CD's and/or DVD's of the current release.

The kit also has some goodies, but what goodies you will get in your kit depend on where you are located in the world. But expect things like stickers or pens. What your region has will be different to others, and swag is always changing, so writing down a list of what you will get is futile and will lead to disappointment.