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The event box idea came from the NA's event box idea, which in turn came from Gnomes' idea for an event box. (open source at its best)

What the event boxes will contain

  • One OLPC $200
  • One Fedora-Blue Table cloth $15
  • Four Posters (the Four F's, will talk to design team) ~$10
  • CD display object ~$4 from maybe?
  • USB containing SVG images for Posters with a live ISO on it. $10

Total Cost per Small Event Box = $239

Instructions for ambassadors with event boxes

If you have the event boxes with you, and you can think of one great cost-effective way of adding to it, please do add stuff to the event box, just make sure its a reasonable weight, Size and cost.

How many Boxes?

We want (hopefully) 6 Small Event Boxes - $1434

Inquire about

  • I wonder if redhat can get us a discount on the XO's?
  • Getting 4'f's poster from design team.

other info.

  • Will move around Their own country.
  • Boxes will be small, if you are travelling to another country that is holding an event you may bring your countries event box if possible.

Possible names for the event boxes

The following are possible names for the event boxes

  • APACK Regional, APACK Main
  • APAC
  • Eventbox(tm)

Event box is a registered trademark of those North americans. xD Or smartbox.

Old Smartbox design. Smartbox regional.png