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Procuring DVDs in Pune for APAC

Siddhesh procured DVDs from Gaiaka Media Works for F21 and F22.

  • Email:
  • Phone: +91 022 4003 8724
  • Contact people: either Priyanka or Anushka

The process roughly is:

  • Call with requirements: typically this is X DVDs with printed label and sleeves and without inner plastic, DVDs inserted into the sleeves, including shipping.
  • They will revert with a quote, which is usually reasonable. Their worst quote so far has been cheaper than the ones in EMEA
  • On confirmation of order, they will raise a PI (Proforma Invoice) against which we have to make a 50% payment personally
  • Their artwork rep will then contact you for label and sleeve artwork. The format that works best for them is EPS with embedded fonts
  • You'll be asked to confirm the artwork with a jpeg they generate
  • On completion of the order, you'll be required to pay the balance amount before shipping


Once DVDs are printed and available, they may be requested by local ambassadors directly indicating the amount they need. By default, about 1/3 of the DVDs were shipped to the Red Hat Bangalore office internally. A similar amount were sent to the Singapore office for F21 and F22. For F21, we shipped them and for F22, Harish carried them back from FUDCon. We also shipped some F22 DVDs to the Red Hat Beijing office.

All these shipments were done internally in Red Hat. This needs approval of the internal management teams since they are different departments. [User:Rtalwatk Rupali] is the contact in Pune to arrange for shipping.