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This wiki page is about the APAC-Trac.


APAC Trac is the regional trac to track the requests made by the FAms with in the region. The requests can be made in related with any requirement that APAC FAm have.

  1. Budget
  2. Meeting Discussion Items
  3. Infrastructure Support
  4. New proposals
  5. and etc..

Organizing an event

If you are organizing an event and looking for some funds/ swags please follow the steps;

  1. Create a wiki page for your event. If you are requesting fund please include a detailed budget info in the Events page
  2. Open a ticket at APAC-trac with the event wiki page link and other related info. Please note clearly what you want (swags and/or funds in number)
  3. Attend to the APAC bi-weekly meeting, discuss, share about the planned event.
  4. Once the ticket is approved by the Harish, you can make the payment and request the reimbursement.
  5. Upload receipts of all the payments to the trac and stand for the payment from Harish. Bare mind no receipt no reimbursement.

Event Funding Policy

If the following conditions are satisfied there is a high possibility of approving your request.

  1. Event page for the event is created.
  2. Event page include all the important information and a detailed budget breakdown is available.
  3. Trac ticket is created with the event page link and request is in place.
  4. Attend the next APAC-bi weekly meeting and discuss about the event.
  5. All the payment receipts are uploaded to the trac and account details are provided(piratically or privately).

Who Approve/ Reject requests

The request is discussed in the APAC Bi-weekly meeting and the whole FAms will approve using #agree. Following points to be checked before approving a request.

  1. All materials are available (according to the funding policy)
  2. Does the amount seem reasonable OR request a fine tuned budget?
  3. Does the region has enough funds?

Budget Tracker

Budget tracker holds detailed budget break down/ spending/ available budget for APAC.

A new proposal

If you feel like proposing new method or any other thing for the Fedora APAC FAms please make your proposal on wiki and open up a ticket at the trac. Please add a brief of the proposal and required links. Add the meeting keyword. This proposal will be probably discussed at the next APAC bi-weekly meeting. So please attend the meeting.