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== Business Card Paper ==
== Business Card Paper ==
* [ Avery Stock# 8871]  
* [  Avery Clean Edge Business Card Stock #8871]

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Ambassadors Header AmbassadorsN1.png

Fedora Ambassadors Business Cards

You must complete Contributor License Agreement in the Fedora Account System and join ambassadors group before you can use our Fedora Ambassadors Business Cards.

Official Business Cards Template v2.0

Ambassadors bc-front.png Ambassadors bc-back.png
  • IanWeller created the templates as a python script which generates these cards. Available by running yum install fedora-business-cards
  • It is suggested to use the following Avery template, insert the resulting PNG files from the above script into each cell in the template, if you wish to print your own.
  • You must use a separate template print for the front and the back. Suggest saving a copy of template as front and another as back.
  • Avery 8871 and similar blank business card template for OpenOffice, 10-up

Official Business Cards Template v1.0

Ambassadors BusinessCards bc.png

  • Based on an Ambassadors Meeting, GregDeKoenigsberg announced the Official Business Cards Template.
US version European A4 version
File:Ambassadors BusinessCards avery 8871 File:Ambassadors BusinessCards C32010 A4 Business Cards.odt
If you have any questions or suggestions on this template, please contact ThomasChung. If you have any questions or suggestions on this template, please contact RobertAlbrecht.

What is that HEX at the bottom of the business card?

  • It's GPG Fingerprint Key. To get your GPG Fingerprint Key:
$ gpg --fingerprint | grep Key
Key fingerprint = E2BA 40AA B980 C104 B7F5  DF36 8077 3C02 6667 0B1B

Business Card Paper