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Let's equip our Communities in EMEA


This is an initiative to support active communities in EMEA, by providing them with basic booth equipment such as roll-up banners and table clothes.

Currently, there is just one or two booth tableclothes for the whole region. Not every community has its own roll-up banners and while some do, these are not anymore in a proper working condition (e.g. colors have started fading out, stands are showing signs of heavy use).

Spending budget on such an initiative can be considered a good investment, since the equipment produced will last for years and will enable our communities to look overall more professional when representing the project during events and conferences.


Country/Community List

Country Active Contributors Total Contributors Current Booth Equipment Missing Booth Equipment Comments
Albania 7 20 1 Roll-up Banner Tablecloth N/A
Greece 7 20 2x Roll-up Banners, 1x XO-1 Laptop New Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Hungary 7 15 2x Roll-up, 1x small banner, 1x XO-1 Laptop, 1x RPpi1, 1x Linux compat. Mixer+smoke machine+lights Tablecloth N/A
Italy 5 16 N/A Tablecloth N/A
Kosovo 3 15 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Poland 7 13 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Serbia 4 4 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Cyprus 1 1 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Burkina Faso 1 1 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Czech Republic 4 6 1 tablecloth, 2 rollup banners (both property of Red Hat Czech), 2 OLPCs nothing essential, we're fine N/A


Warning warn

What else should we include? Add your own ideas below!

  • Printable campaign, or invitational template posters in A3 size