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Let's equip our Communities in EMEA


This is an initiative to support active communities in EMEA, by providing them with basic booth equipment such as roll-up banners and table clothes.

Currently, there is just one or two booth tableclothes for the whole region. Not every community has its own roll-up banners and while some do, these are not anymore in a proper working condition (e.g. colors have started fading out, stands are showing signs of heavy use).

Spending budget on such an initiative can be considered a good investment, since the equipment produced will last for years and will enable our communities to look overall more professional when representing the project during events and conferences.


Country/Community List

Country Active Contributors Total Contributors Current Booth Equipment Missing Booth Equipment Comments
Albania 7 20 1 Roll-up Banner Tablecloth N/A
Burkina Faso 1 1 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Cyprus 1 1 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Czech Republic 4 6 1 tablecloth, 2 rollup banners (both property of Red Hat Czech), 2 OLPCs nothing essential, we're fine N/A
Germany 2x big Roll-up Banners (friends and first), 4 Fedora flags, unclear what else Tablecloths seem to be missing
Greece 7 20 2x Roll-up Banners, 1x XO-1 Laptop New Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Hungary 7 15 2x Roll-up, 1x small banner, 1x XO-1 Laptop, 1x RPpi1, 1x Linux compat. Mixer+smoke machine+lights Tablecloth N/A
Italy 5 16 N/A Tablecloth N/A
Kosovo 3 15 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Nigeria 1 3 1 Roll-up Banner Tablecloth, New Roll-up Banner N/A
Poland 7 13 N/A Roll-up Banner, Tablecloth N/A
Serbia 4 4 Tablecloth (made locally) Roll-up Banner N/A

Vendor Price List, Per Country

We have identified that for some communities it will be cheaper to produce equipment locally. To help with this process, please add the local prices on the table below.
Country Price for Roll-up Banner Price for Tablecloth Comments
Country $Price $Price N/A
Serbia ? ~25 EUR N/A


Warning warn

What else should we include? Add your own ideas below!

  • Printable campaign, or invitational template posters in A3 size
  • Blueprint for some sort of Fedora cloud box solution for multiple purpose at events.