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Time and location


The LATAM Ambassadors meetings are every Fridays at 14:00 UTC


The LATAM Ambassadors meetings are in #fedora-meeting-2 channel on server.

Meeting agenda


Here every attendee will identify himself using the appropriate commands (.fas <nickname>) and write the name of their country (where live), for example:

.fas <nickname>
<nickname> from <country>


Here any people that have an announcement about an event, talk, accomplished goal, etc could talk about these matters in a little piece of time.

Actions items from previous meetings

Here, the chairing people will ask about last pending actions from latest meeting.

Agenda review

In this topic will show all tickets tagged as "meeting" in pagure. The agenda will not change along meeting time (no last time tickets)


This section will be managed as follows:

  • Here, all attendees will review the new tickets and can vote these or postpone for the next meeting.
  • If in the meeting were not quorum, the tickets could be reviewed but not voted. Quorum criteria is in the page xx.
  • Any ticket can be approved with almost with X +1.
  • Only the ambassadors could vote tickets, any colaborator can participate but not vote.
  • The tickets can be voted only in meetings, but if the ticket is urgent by any reason this can be in the pagure.

For more detailed information please see the page Reimbursement Page

Open floor

Here, anyone who wants ask a questions, require help or needs talk about any matter that can't in the previous sections can do it here.

Tickets for Agenda

Every ticket that needs be reviewed and voted in a meeting will be tagged as "meeting" in pagure.

Code of conduct

  • Anyone who wants talk will raise their hand writing "!" and wait for the chairing people give them the word. The attendee will finish their participation writing a "EOF" or "EOM" message.