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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2005-12-22

Next meeting

Thursday December 29, 2005, 22:00 UTC



MartinBrej, PatrickBarnes, AurelienBompard, DavidBarzilay, ThorstenLeemhuis, TejasDinkar, GregDeKoenigsberg, RoozbehPournader, FredericHornain, AlexMaier


1. Events

2. Ambassadors Steering Committee


Jan 31 - Feb 2, 2006

  • Solutions Linux 2006
  • AurelienBompard is in charge, we most likely have missed the deadline.
  • AlexMaier will check with the organizers for a slot in the .org village, but we are not too hopeful.
  • if all else fais, we will be on the local lug booth

Feb 25-26, 2006

  • FredericHornain has everything under control. will report to the list.

Mar 28-30, 2006

  • LWCE Australia
  • DavidBarzilay will find a volunteer or two to jump in and represent Fedora at this show.

General Events Stuff

1. we all need to remember that two months before a show is already too late to participate in most shows.

2. If transportation/accommodation expenses prevent Ambassadors from going to an event, Fedora will try to help with what little money we got. Do not expect to have all expenses covered, but we will try our best not to let you go bancrupt over an event :)

Ambassadors Steering Committee

  • As the Ambassadors' numbers grow, we need a few (very likely 7) people to step up and help lead the group--and we will call them "Steering Committee."
  • The Committee will decide on things such as which events receive higher priority (in case of limited funds and materials available), will help set the guidelines for Ambassadors, will take care of meeting preparation, agenda, an protocol, and stuff like that. In general, SC will be the organ which will help us all function better and let us have a backup for Alex :)
  • The members of the committee do not need to be affilliated with Red Hat or any other Fedora project. They need to be experienced enough to know what Fedora is and does, and what Ambassadors are supposed to be doing.
  • Ambassadors program is a meritocracy, so the ones who have shown that they are actively doing the right thing will be best candidates.
  • Everybody please think whether you have the time and resources necessary to be a member of the SC, and if you do, step up!
  • If you wish to be on the committee, or if you wish to propose someone else, write a message to the list. We will be selecting committee members during the next meeting.