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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-02-16

Next meeting


  • AlexMaier (lxmaier)
  • ThomasChung (tchung)
  • JoeEarly (die-Sel)
  • MikaelJacobsson (maikaru)
  • ThomasCanniot (MrTom)
  • ThorstenLeemhuis (thl)
  • GeroldKassube (GeroldKa)
  • PuneetBatura (puneet_batura)
  • DavidBarzilay (barz)
  • JoseTarazona (JoseTarazona)
  • ChitleshGoorah (ChitleshGoorah)
  • FrancescoUgolini (FrancescoUgolini)
  • MatthewMiller (mattdm)
  • TejasDinkar (gja)
  • JeffreyTadlock (iWolf)
  • PabloBarrera (PabloBarrera)
  • ThijsHulshof (Thijs)
  • PawelSadowski (McGiwer)
  • MateuszHalaba (mathalaba)
  • AbhishekSingh (abhisheksingh)
  • KarstenWade (quaid)
  • ClairShaw (cds)


Review upcoming events

Feb 25, 2006 Fedora Day

  • The first day in The Netherlands to promote Fedora and to support new users.
  • Hengelo (GLD), The Netherlands
  • ThijsHulshof
  • Thijs will organise a small event for people interested in Fedora / Linux, Fedora presentations and install fest.
  • Thijs_H is advertising on his website. +/-30 subscribtions

Feb 25-26, 2006 FOSDEM

  • The sixth Free and Open source Software Developers' European Meeting in Brussel -Belgium-
  • FredericHornain Reserved Fedora Stand
  • Fred not in meeting -- will report on the list

Mar 13-16, 2006 Jornada de Divulgación Científica y Tecnológica

  • A whole day organized for an Recognized University in Colombia for conferences on subjects related to Open Source Software as well as telecommunications, medical artificial intelligence and computer science. It will have universities of the country and the world.
  • and
  • JoseTarazona has a confirmation for a stand there and also time for a conference
  • JoseTarazona wants to know if there is any chance for someone to give a videoconference too.
  • right now he will be on the stand and at night I will give the conference about Fedora. that will help to show students the commitment of Fedora members and help us to recruit some developers and many enthusiasts.
  • tchung: no, I don't think so we discuss the event via IRC and List
  • puneet_batura: i fully agree with jose in this. but if video conferencing is not available then let us look ofr other alternatives to it.

Mar 16-18, 2006 Free Desktop Event

  • Its the first year of this event, the focus its about companys using desktops with Linux/Open Source.
  • MauricioPretto (?)
  • barz is chasing Mauricio, but also know he's going for a long trip.
  • Will double-check if he still can make it. BTW, Brazilian Ambassadors have been focusing on local website and a big local event, FISL, where other sth american representatives will be present
  • Mauricio is not present. Will report on the list.

Apr 3-6, 2006 LinuxWorld Boston 2006

  • Boston, MA, USA
  • See LinuxWorld/LinuxWorldBoston2006.
  • MatthewMiller JackAboutboul
  • MatthewMiller will contact JesseKeating or local PC vendor about hardware needed for the booth.
  • MatthewMiller will conatct JackAboutboul about registering for free booth.
  • Additional Note - JackAboutboul is already in contact with IDG and we have plans in place. We should know alot more next week when he speaks with their new show director.

Apr 7, 2006 FUDCon Boston 2006

  • Boston, MA, USA:
  • Sequel to the first FUDCon.
  • See ["FUDCon/FUDConBoston2006"] .
  • MatthewMiller JackAboutboul
  • help wanted. Greg and Alex will support wherever they can.
  • Jack will be there.
  • mattdm is not going to go to any sessions at the conference itself, so he can hang out at the booth pretty much all the time, in fact mattdm is not attending the conference proper. (It's expensive!) Can RH get him a free exhibit floor pass?
  • mattdm can do short presentations. What sort of resources are there likely to be at the booth?
  • tchung wants to know: Is there any possibility for reimbersement if I use my own budget to attend FUDCon Boston?
  • lxmaier: tchung: i guess there is some chance for that, especially if you volunteer to talk at the FUDCon

Apr 19-22, 2006 FISL 7.0

  • Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • 7th International Free Software Forum.
  • See ["FedoraEvents/FISL"]
  • This is the biggest conference for IT Infrastructure and Developers in Brazil. Lot of developers communities in this meetings and manylectures, in 6 auditoriums. In 2005, FISL 6.0 had 4,414 attendees from 11 countries and almost every Brazilian state.
  • barz: FISL, on behalf of Rodrigo: all events - presentation and community event proposals - have been approved!
  • working on presentation, free pass 4 speakers, DVDs request sent to FAMSCO, producing banner,
  • thinking of other collateral for event and writing comprehensive proposal to make sure we don't miss any detail.
  • we wanna talk on FC generally, bring FC5 improvements, explain community devel, call for contributions and try to link that all with the digital divide, serious issue in Brazil.

May 3-6, 2006 LinuxTag/FUDCon Wiesbaden 2006

  • Wiesbaden, Germany - LinuxTag 2006
  • See ["FUDCon/FUDConWiesbaden2006"]
  • GeroldKassube FlorianBrand
  • help wanted and needed.
  • afaik there should be the next FUDCon similiar to the second FUDCon we ever had FUDCon/FUDCon2
  • GeroldKa: we've got the mail from the organisator that our booth request will be decided till February 20th, so we've to wait what's the decision.
  • we (FlorianBrand, JensKuehnel and me) are preparing a contest. ChitleshGoorah will also hold a talk for KADISCHI. so imho, at the moment it's all in the right way.
  • ChitleshGoorah: Ill be present too with GeroldKa. I'll burn free some fedora based live cds as stated in the wiki
  • GeroldKa: a few days ago I received the mail from a friend of mine; developer at debian. Debian will not participate the Linuxtag in Wiesbaden. so it's more important for us to get an absolutely great show and event

June 23-25, 2006 Journée du Libre 4

  • Strasbourg, France.
  • This event is intended for the promotion of open source softwares and linux.
  • There will also be conferences about various open source topics
  • ChitleshGoorah
  • First It coincides with my trip to Mauritius.
  • It is possible to sell Fedora goodies (T-shirts for example) for fund raising. Alone it will be difficult for me to handle.
  • Booth Reserved
  • ChitleshGoorah: the booth is reserved. Ive postponed my trip to Mauritius. I'll be present!
  • because i'll be at the booth, and there must be someone else with the conference
  • GeroldKa: I'll try to attend then, but I don't speak french


  • Inform about this project. Bring up with some ideas.
  • What do we lack for this project
  • ChitleshGoorah: I'll write more about it soon on Fedoranews in order to promote it

Presentations for Ambassadors

  • We need to provide Ambassadors with some slide decks for various presentations.
  • ChitleshGoorah: Presentation on Kadischi is in Progress here
  • barz: we are still preparing ooimpress 4 FISL, but will take us some more time
  • ChitleshGoorah: a french flyer is under developpement with MrTom too
  • tchung: I saw 3-fold hand out from FUDConDelhi2006 . This will be great for any Linux Event

Standard Ambassadors kit

  • We need a standard "kit" for all Ambassadors; DVDs, promotional materials, and schwag.
  • tchung: As far as I know Greg is putting together a kit for Ambassadors as much as $100 worth


  • Unidentified Ambassador: does anybody know where can i get the red or blue hat in fedora style from?
  • lxmaier: this is URGENT: we do not EVER use fedora hats to promote Fedora
  • Fedora =! fedora hat
  • not red, not blue, not at all
  • Unidentified Ambassador: lxmaier i know, but it's related to Fedora's history :>
  • lxmaier: no discussion of fedora hats will change this
  • lxmaier: i am sorry, but it is our brand guideline Number One: No fedora hats
  • tchung: this is a specific request from Red Hat not to use Fedora Hat in our project
  • lxmaier: it is a matter of highest priority that all ambassadors be aware and follow the brand guidelines

  • Meeting Minutes summarized by AlexMaier
  • Meeting Minutes posted by ThomasChung