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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-04-13




Priority 1

  • Review upcoming events
  • Apr 19-22, 2006 : FISL 7.0 : RodrigoPadula
  • RodrigoPadula not present
  • tchung: I don't believe RodrigoPadula is present here but Max has been in contact with him to fund the event.
  • tchung: I belive we also have some emails from him in the list.
  • Apr 22-23, 2006 : lanwelche : ChitleshGoorah
  • ChitleshGoorah not present
  • Apr 24, 2006 : Fedora Talk : PuneetBatura
  • puneet_batura: because of campus interviews the event is being rescheduled so that students can focus on the coming talk properly and most importantly their *willingness* to contribute.....and i didnt recieve any schwag yet...
  • tchung: I think he requested the schwag *way* before FC5 release. right puneet_batura ?
  • puneet_batura: i asked for some dvds and tshirts through the webpage for ambassadors stuff and i didnt got any update after that...
  • tchung: I'm sorry puneet_batura , I believe we were so busy due to events in Boston. We'll get back to you right after this meeting.
  • May 3-6, 2006 : Linuxtag Germany : FlorianBrand and GeroldKassube
  • FlorianBrand and GeroldKassube both not present
  • tchung: well, if I'm correct, no FUDCon in LinuxTag but we have received that we'll participate in LinuxTag with help with a list of booth personal in LinuxTag
  • tchung: and I believe Greg will be the primary contact from fasmco for this event
  • May 20, 2006 : Multimedia Day France : ThomasCanniot
  • MrTom: i have to reorganise my presentation for it to be smoother
  • MrTom: i don't know how many people are used to come each year in this event
  • MrTom: fedora will be the only linux distro that will be shown however :)
  • MrTom: and i wnated to ask about some scwag
  • Jun 23-25, 2006 : Journée du Libre 4 : ChitleshGoorah
  • ChitleshGoorah not present
  • Jul 22-23, 2006 : LUGRadio Live! 2006 : JonFautley and ClairShaw
  • JonFautley and ClairShaw both not present
  • Jul 24-28, 2006 : OSCON 2006 : RichardTuttle
  • RichardTuttle not present
  • Aug 5-12, 2006 : My First Mauritian LUG Meeting : ChitleshGoorah
  • ChitleshGoorah not present

Priority 2

  • Video contest
  • AlexMaier disappered :)
  • Sorry guys, since Alex is missing I have not much to say for this subject. :)
  • Schwag pipeline
  • GregDeKoenigsberg not present
  • mspevack: i know we're inching closer to having schwag/fedora store setup
  • mspevack: but Greg is driving that, i'd have to ask him for full details. progress is being made though
  • well, as mspevack says, we are making a good progress but we are not there yet.
  • nman64: Infrastructure is currently testing the request tracker that will allow us to stay on top of new requests.
  • MrTom: so we are close to have a fedora store on which users will be able to buy fedora goodies aren't we ?
  • tchung: yes pretty close. according to Greg. :)
  • Presentations for Ambassadors
  • RahulSundaram not present

Priority 3

  • Fedora Word Of Mouth Project
  • ClairShaw not present


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