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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-06-08

Meeting Time


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • tchung: ThomasChung
  • puneet_batura: PuneetBatura
  • Ekushey: RussellJohn
  • ke4qqq: DavidNalley
  • gomix: GuillermoGomez
  • bpepple: BrianPepple
  • CyberSpy: LeeJoseph
  • gregdek_gone: GregDeKoenigsberg



  • See and
  • Famsco Update
  • lxmaier: famsco met this tuesday
  • lxmaier: summary is posted on
  • lxmaier: highlights
  • lxmaier: BobJensen will spearhead the creation of the fedora chroniclers group to make sure we have a group of people responsible for summarizing our activities
  • lxmaier: RahulSundaram is in charge of creation of a set of policies for famsco elections and terms.
  • lxmaier: this is not urgent, but very important. we will hopefully have a set of rules by September.
  • Project Reports
  • FreeMedia : ThomasChung
  • For the month of June, we received 78 free media requests so far and we fulfilled 46 as of today.
  • Beginning this month, we will accept only 100 free media requests per month.
  • For more information, see
  • VideoContest : AlexMaier
  • we have the pages in QA and will hopefully be able to launch the contest by June 15 or so
  • we have all prizes ready, and the main prize as well.
  • we'll launch as soon as we have finished the pages.
  • most of the content is to be found on
  • Presentations : RahulSundaram
  • not present
  • Kadischi report : ChitleshGoorah
  • not present
  • tchung: Perhaps I should contact him aftet the meeting. Stop (medium size).png action item
  • Fedora Events
  • June 9-10, 2006 CarolinaCon Raleigh NC LeeJoseph
  • CyberSpy: CarolinaCon begin tomorrow evening, I have FC5 is's and a presentation prepared, everything is ready, I have no shwag however
  • lxmaier: did you get to talk with greg about schwag CyberSpy?
  • CyberSpy: lxmaier: I sent an email and have recieved no response as of yet.
  • CyberSpy: lxmaier: I will follow up after this meeting
  • lxmaier: CyberSpy: i will ping mspevack and gregdek as well Stop (medium size).png action item
  • June 15, 2006 Migrating to Linux North South Univeristy, Dhaka, Bangladesh RussellJohn
  • Ekushey: it's a workshop, intended for the students of nsu
  • Ekushey: we're hoping 150+ students will participate
  • Ekushey: it'll be a day long event
  • Ekushey: i'll add more information on the wiki page, soon
  • June 17-20 NELS Bethel, Maine WarrenTogami
  • WarrenTogami not present
  • tchung: I believe Max's been working with him. I see the event in Famsco Budget table.
  • June 23-30, 2006 Fedora, Friends and Fun Virginia Beach, VA USA BobJensen
  • BobJensen not present
  • lxmaier: anyone know anything?
  • puneet_batura:
  • Southern_Gentlem: we will be doing some presentations at the event but mainly it is a way for member and families to get to know eachother
  • tchung: I received email from him.
  • tchung: "I may not make it to the Ambassadors meeting, my father is having eye surgery to correct his eyes crossing in his old (80 in August) age."
  • July 22-23, 2006 LUGRadio Live! 2006 Wolverhampton, UK JonFautley
  • JonFautley not present
  • July 24-28, 2006 OSCON 2006 Portland, OR, USA. RichardTuttle
  • RichardTuttle not present
  • tchung: According to BobJensen's email,
  • tchung: "I talked to Jack about OSCON and I know he has talked to Max. He said he would be at the meeting tomorrow/today to give an update."
  • Aug 14-17, 2006 LinuxWorld San Francisco 2006 San Francisco, CA, USA
  • Aug 18, 2006 FUDCon San Francsico 2006 San Francisco, CA, USA
  • No Ambassador assigned
  • lxmaier: do we yet have an owner for this event?
  • tchung: I sent out an email way back but nobody replied.
  • tchung: I guess it's time to discuss LinuxWorld/FUDCon in San Francisco. Stop (medium size).png action item
  • tchung: Let's ping Jack again.
  • Aug 24-26, 2006 III Festival Software Livre da Bahia Lauro de Freitas, BA, Brazil HugoCisneiros, OthonBatista
  • Both HugoCisneiros and OthonBatista not present
  • Sept, 23, 2006 Cincinnati LUG DemoFest Cincinnati, OH, USA PatrickMcKelvey
  • PatrickMcKelvey not present
  • Fedora Schwag Update
  • lxmaier: i am hearing that the fedora schwag is now available on from greg
  • tchung: Wow! I see it at
  • gregdek_gone: We've also got stickers and DVD packs coming to the external store, but apparently I need to complain more about that.
  • Miscellaneous
  • lxmaier: gregdek: any chance you have a few item to spare for CyberSpy?
  • lxmaier: his event is tomorrow, and he had no chance to order
  • tchung: The event is located in Raleigh NC
  • tchung: Perhaps he can pick them up in person? :)
  • CyberSpy: I can do that if it's okay
  • lxmaier: okay, CyberSpy, connect with gregdek offline, maybe we got some stuff you can use
  • lxmaier: i have no idea though whether we have any schwag there for you to pick up
  • lxmaier: puneet_batura: you wanted to make an announcement?
  • puneet_batura: yes my techical paper got selected in a NASA conference
  • tchung: do you have any website where we can read about?
  • puneet_batura:
  • lxmaier: congratulations puneet_batura!
  • tchung: puneet_batura, Is this conference in Washington, D.C. during September 26-28, 2006 ?
  • puneet_batura: yes
  • tchung: I see and I wish you best of luck!
  • puneet_batura: thank you all for your warm wishes

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