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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-06-15

Meeting Time


  • tchung: ThomasChung
  • GeroldKa: GeroldKassube
  • MrTomLapy: ThomasCanniot
  • glezos: DimitrisGlezos
  • fabian_a: FabianAffolter
  • Ekushey: RussellJohn
  • CincyPat: PatrickMcKelvey
  • FrancescoUgolini: FrancescoUgolini
  • jcgordon: JimGordon
  • TitaX: ThierryDelmonte
  • mattfrye: MattFrye
  • kOoLiNuS: NicolaLosito
  • mspevack: MaxSpevack



  • See and
  • Famsco Update
  • tchung: Well, we didn't meeting last Monday/Tuesday so there is no update from FAMSco this time.
  • Project Reports
  • FreeMedia: ThomasChung
  • tchung: For the Month of June, we received 102 free media requests and we fulfilled 77 so far
  • tchung: The good news is we're still fullfilling requests from May
  • tchung: For the Month of May, we received 176 free media requests and we fullfilled 167 requests so far. Thanks to KarlieRobinson.
  • VideoContest : AlexMaier
  • AlexMaier not present
  • tchung: We're very close to finishing up rules and desciption for the contest.
  • tchung: and it will be officially announced sometime next week.
  • tchung: So you'll see major announcement on this project everywhere in news sites. :)
  • Presentations : RahulSundaram
  • RahulSundaram not present
  • Kadischi report : ChitleshGoorah
  • ChitleshGoorah not present
  • Fedora Events
  • June 17-20 NELS Bethel, Maine WarrenTogami
  • WarrenTogami not present
  • June 20 HP Linux Roadshow Brussel, Belgium FredericHornain
  • FredericHornain not present
  • June 23-30, 2006 Fedora, Friends and Fun Virginia Beach, VA USA BobJensen
  • BobJensen not present
  • July 22-23, 2006 LUGRadio Live! 2006 Wolverhampton, UK JonFautley
  • JonFautley not present
  • July 24-28, 2006 OSCON 2006 Portland, OR, USA. RichardTuttle
  • RichardTuttle not present
  • We'll skip ChitleshGoorah's events
  • Let's discuss LinuxWorld SF and FUDCon SF.
  • Red Hat won't be at the LinuxWorld SF this year
  • Just Fedora Project booth will be there.
  • We are still discussing the location for FUDCon SF
  • So far we are leaning toward Stanford University due to Max's connection.
  • Aug 24-26, 2006 III Festival Software Livre da Bahia Lauro de Freitas, BA, Brazil HugoCisneiros or OthonBatista
  • Both HugoCisneiros and OthonBatista not present
  • Sept, 23, 2006 Cincinnati LUG DemoFest Cincinnati, OH, USA PatrickMcKelvey
  • CincyPat: Still working on the location. The local LUG is running it and is just getting started at this. I will need some swag to passout. Primarily a new user event.
  • tchung: Make sure submit an official request via the form and email famsco-list.
  • Sept,30, 2006 Ohio LinuxFest 2006 Columbus, OH, USA PatrickMcKelvey
  • CincyPat: Need to change the attendence to 1250. Would Fedora or Redhat send speakers?
  • tchung: Well, you'll need to ask for guests to famsco-list
  • tchung: If you need guests from Red Hat or Fedora Project, I would suggest to send out an invitation letter to fedora-ambassadors-list, (correction) famso-list
  • Schwag pipeline GregDeKoenigsberg
  • GregDeKoenigsberg not present
  • tchung: As you know we now have some Fedora Stuff available from Red Hat Cool Stuff Store
  • tchung:
  • tchung: Please note according to Max and Patrick, this store is primarily targeted for US Ambassadors and US users.
  • tchung: we are working on more similiar stores for other countries/regions as well.
  • tchung: At this point, we recommend Ambassadors to produce Fedora Stuff locally then request for reimbersement via famsco-list.
  • mspevack: nothing more than I added on the list -- localized coolstuff and swag is a problem we're working on
  • mspevack: no one should have to pay that much money on shipping
  • tchung: is there anyway we can contact Brandfuel regarding international shipping cost issue?
  • mspevack: sure, one of us can give them a call. tchung, put that down with my name next to it. Stop (medium size).png action item
  • MISC
  • CincyPat: Where can the famsco-list be found?
  • tchung:

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