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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2006-06-29

Meeting Time





  • See and
  • FAMSco Update
  • Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee had our scheduled meeting last Monday.
  • Meeting Summary can be found at:
  • Here is a highlight of the meeting:
  • Budget - MaxSpevack
  • "I am in the midst of doing a full audit of *all* Fedora budget with the Red Hat finance folks"
  • Member Services - ThomasChung
  • "As of 2006-06-26, we have 92 *approved* members and we have 3 more new members since last report."
  • Schwag - MaxSpevack
  • "We received a response from Brandfuel our CoolStuff Store vendor,
  • basically their response to the international shipping costs was
  • 'we know it's high, we feel your pain, but there's nothing we can do'
  • so this makes Jack's event kit initiative even more important"
  • Project Reports
  • FreeMedia Report - ThomasChung
  • For Month of June, we fulfilled 97 out of 102 free media requests.
  • Many thanks to contributors including RyanCloke and KarlieRobinson.
  • The request form will be opened again this weekend for Month of July.
  • OpenVideo Contest Report - ThomasChung
  • As you know the contest is officially launched last week.
  • The press release was announced on various Linux news sites including
  • DistroWatch Weekly, NewsForge, LinuxPR, LXer and of course FedoraNEWS
  • However, we still have not received any *legitimate* submission yet.
  • So, we're considering extending deadlines another month or so.
  • Presentation Report - RahulSundaram
  • RahulSundaram not present
  • Review Fedora Events
  • June 23-30, 2006 Fedora, Friends and Fun Virginia Beach, VA USA
  • Please note this event is in progress.
  • July 22-23, 2006 LUGRadio Live! 2006 Wolverhampton, UK
  • JonFautley not presnet
  • July 24-28, 2006 OSCON 2006 Portland, OR, USA
  • RichardTuttle not present
  • Aug 5, 2006 My First Mauritian LUG Meeting Port-Louis, Mauritius
  • ChitleshGoorah reports
  • well everything was told in the mailing list
  • and you are up to date
  • but im planning to distribute qemu images
  • as well of fedora core 6 test 1 and FC5
  • for the non rpm guys
  • during the mauritian lug (irc) meeting they curse rpm and yum
  • knowing the fact that yum in fc6t1 has many new features
  • having them test fc6t1 qemu eimages will at least change their minds
  • Aug, 14-17, 2006 LinuxWorld San Francisco 2006 San Francisco, CA, USA
  • JackAboutboul not present
  • NOTE: Regarding FUDCon San Fransciso
  • Please note we still have not decided when we'll have one.
  • Max is heading up-coming FUDCon
  • Aug 24-26, 2006 III Festival Software Livre da Bahia Lauro de Freitas, BA, Brazil
  • HugoCisneiros not present
  • OthonBatista not present
  • Sept, 2006 Linux Day Ilza, Poland
  • PawelSadowski reports
  • i'm planning to organize it with my one or two friends
  • one, as i think will maybe say something about gentoo or ubuntu
  • and maybe he will have CDs with ubuntu to give away
  • i will have DVDs with FC
  • it will be for the school community
  • to give them an opportunity of seeing that there is something more than M$
  • Sept, 21-22, 2006 OpenExpo 2006 Zurich, Switzerland
  • FabianAffolter reports
  • a few minutes ago i spoke with GeroldKa about that
  • maybe he is still here and can tell you the newest facts
  • red hat will take this event as far as i know
  • Sept, 23, 2006 Cincinnati LUG Cincinnati, OH, USA
  • PatrickMcKelvey not present
  • Sept,30, 2006 Ohio LinuxFest Columbus, OH, USA
  • PatrickMcKelvey not present
  • Schwag pipeline and a Standard Ambassadors Survival Kit
  • GregDeKoenigsberg not present
  • Fedora Event Kit - MaxSpevack (w/ JackAboutboul )
  • Max would like to to remind you
  • that we need to read the message send out by Jack.
  • and give any feedback you have. He's stressing this is *very* important

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