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Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2007-02-15

Meeting Time


  • FrancescoUgolini (lead)
  • GeroldKassube
  • JoergSimon
  • BartCouvreur
  • AndreasRau
  • EugeneTeo
  • RobertWhetsel
  • PawelSadowski
  • JoseTarazona

Meeting Protocol




  • The meeting starts at 14.00 UTC. The first topic discussed was the Alex Meier's dimission from the FAmSCo: all the present agreed to thank her. After this issue, there was a description of the proposal of merging fedora-ambassadors-list with fedora-marketing-list. People present their opinions and, at the end, after a little discussion, was decided to ask all Ambassadors to vote for this proposal through mailing list. It was, also, decided to ask people to say their opinion about the possibility to open the Ambassadors' list: this was approved and added in the Official Poll. The last topic discussed was the FOSDEM Beerevent and event-related questions. The meeting ends at 15.30 UTC.

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