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fabian_a it's time...let's have monthly Fedora Ambassadors Meeting for EMEA
tc1415 we need dramatic music or something...
fabian_a sure... ;-)
tc1415 lol
nihed so let the music play
nihed  :)
fabian_a Please state your wiki name please (aka roll call).
GeroldKa GeroldKassube
kital JoergSimon
tc1415 BenLewis
fabian_a FabianAffolter
jdieter JonathanDieter
red_alert SandroMathys
rsc RobertScheck
nihed NihedMbarek
rivrandi1 JensKuehnel
pingou_laptop PierreYvesChibon
fcrippa FrancescoCrippa
AndreasR AndreasRau
fugolini FrancescoUgolini:
couf BartCouvreur (somewhat)
MrTom ThomasCanniot
fabian_a Just a reminder. We'll still follow our meeting protocol to make this meeting quick and efficient. <fabian_a> Now, please open our meeting page at or the agenda if you like <fabian_a> sorry,
fabian_a Report current status of FAmSCo
fabian_a I guess that most ambassadors already know that the FAmSCo election is over <fabian_a> The members are RodrigoPadula, ThomasCanniot, FrancescoUgolini, FabianAffolter, JeffreyTadlock, AndreasRau, and JohnBabich <fabian_a> FrancescoUgolini will be the chair. FabianAffolter the vice-chair.
GeroldKa  ?
fabian_a GeroldKa
GeroldKa How many votes are for each nomination? Is it public?
rsc  !
GeroldKa because I mentioned the FAMSCo has a "problem" with this election
GeroldKa as you can read in the ML
GeroldKa eof
fabian_a yes,
fabian_a let me search the announcement. maybe fugolini knows where it is
fugolini mhh
fugolini  ?
fabian_a fugolini
fugolini What kind of problem? (do you refear to Bob mail?)
fugolini eof
rsc GeroldKa: - that? <GeroldKa> no that URL which fabian_a postet and with problem I think Bobs mail
kital  !
fabian_a kital
kital i dont think this is the place to discuss this bob thing
kital eof
fugolini  !
fabian_a fugolini
Lirva Chiheb Chabchoub
fugolini I think it refers to Rodrigo absence, but, as Bob know we decided to hold the meeting on saturday
fugolini but Fedora Board reviewed the election and officialized this
fugolini so i think it seriously impossible that there was something wrong
fugolini but i agree with Kital
EvilBob  !
fugolini eof
fabian_a EvilBob
EvilBob not at all, my problem was with you personally, besides it is much better to discuss it behind closed doors and out of the public eye... same old ambassadors BS, it is not a problem.
EvilBob EOF
zydoon ZiedFakhfakh
GeroldKa  ?
fabian_a thanks for your input EvilBob
fabian_a GeroldKa
GeroldKa excuse my bad english EvilBob; does BS stand for BullShit?
EvilBob GeroldKa: +1
GeroldKa thanks, eof
fabian_a By the way, thanks to everybody who have voted. Unfortunately only 24% of all ambassadors did it.
fabian_a Anything else about FAmSCo?
fabian_a no, next topic: Ambassadors Membership
fabian_a As of 2008-01-15, 292 Ambassadors have been verified (signed CLA and joined 'ambassadors' group). <fabian_a> There is a FAmSCo proposal of cleaning-up the the list. Chitlesh made a first start in 2006 and maybe we are going to continue.
tc1415  ?
GeroldKa  ?
fabian_a tc1415
fabian_a then GeroldKa
tc1415 What do you mean by 'cleaning up'? does that refer to unverified ambassadors, or something else? <GeroldKa> what do you mean with "cleaning up"? Is it the "active vs. inactive" discussion? eof
tc1415 oh, eof
pingou_laptop  ?
fabian_a people who haven't sign the CLA or not join the ambassador group
rsc  ?
fabian_a no, "active vs. inactive" it's about to clean-up the list and delete the people which invalid e-mail-addresses and so on
tc1415 +1 to that
fabian_a if they want really join us, they can
fabian_a we don't ban then or something like this
fabian_a pingou_laptop
AndreasR +1
pingou_laptop you've answered my question by that time... eof
fabian_a rsc
rsc In the past, such a wiki cleanup was just crap. Are there really so many ambassadors, that have invalid e-mail addresses etc?
rsc I don't see any big effort from that work, sorry / EOF
fabian_a we will see ;-)
fabian_a Anything else about that?
tc1415  ?
fabian_a tc1415
tc1415 Occaisionally in the wiki there are references to a probationary period, what is the current take on this, and is there a list of Ambassadors in it or out of it?
tc1415 eof
fabian_a no, there is no list. tchung is handling the membership and he is in charge about that issue
tc1415 ok
fabian_a now events
fabian_a Please open Fedora Events please <fabian_a> As you can see are there 4 European events in the next few months. Linux Solutions at Paris, FOSDEM at Brussels, Chemnitzer LinuxTage at Chemnitz, and OpenExpo at Bern.
fabian_a First Linux Solutions?
MrTom  !
fabian_a MrTom
MrTom Well everything is getting ready slowly as usual. But we are ready and will have 8 ambassadors on the booth, which is huge :) <MrTom> i'm only waiting for DVD from GeroldKa / Max and everything will be perfect
MrTom eof
fabian_a thanks, MrTom
fabian_a FOSDEM?
fabian_a For me, accommodation is still an issue
red_alert +1
MrTom  !
fabian_a MrTom
MrTom there are very cheap hotel in the suburb of brussels, where I will spend the night with other French Ambassadors
pingou_laptop  !
MrTom it is about 30€ for a room of 3 people
MrTom so about 10€ / person
GeroldKa  !
MrTom It is really a hotel, the only thing is that the loo and shower are at the end of the corrifor
MrTom but washed automatically when you leave the place
MrTom eof
fabian_a pingou_laptop
pingou_laptop Just to know, when are you coming ? when would it be nice to be there ? friday or saturday ? eof
fabian_a ok, we discuss this later
fabian_a GeroldKa
GeroldKa its also a pitty that we cant stay all together, but OK, it depends on every portmonaie. But in my eyes THIS is an issue which must be solved by the organising Ambassador
GeroldKa I feel unlike if I see, how welcome I relly be
GeroldKa thats all
GeroldKa eof
fabian_a Chemnitzer LinuxTage?
kital soll ich
kital  ?
fabian_a kital
kital ok today i received our approval for a booth
kital Ambassadors are JoergSimon, RobertScheck, JensKuehnel and a last chance for Daniel Kretschmer
kital i will get a olpc from rh munich - maybe
kital we have banners
kital get 100 dvd´s from gerold
GeroldKa  !
kital don´t know if there are also shirts in the box
kital eof
fabian_a thanks, kital
fabian_a GeroldKa
GeroldKa I talked this afternoon with BruderTux and he trys to get a OLPC for the EMEA Ambassadors from JanWildeboer
GeroldKa but he needs his next week for an event
kital BruderTux
GeroldKa he will inform kital later on, when he kwnos exactly when the OLPC is in Stuttgart :-)
GeroldKa eof *bg*
GeroldKa BruderTux == FlorianBrand
fabian_a thanks, guys
fabian_a the last one OpenExpo
fabian_a Booth has been confirmed and we are enough people to handle the booth. Till now, we have no media and no swag. The plan was to use media from the same order as for the other European events. Posters are ready and we will get banners, too. <fabian_a> Is there anyone who would like to discuss another up-coming event or report a past event?
fcrippa  !
rivrandi1  !
MrTom  !
fabian_a fcrippa, then rivrandi1
fcrippa there's also a event based in Italy
fcrippa my first “official” fedora ambassador event ;-)
fcrippa Lolug (a week ago) ask me to do a speech about fedora and fedora project <fcrippa> I'd like to invite other ambassadors from Italy (maybe from north of Italy), or forward invitation through various local lug mailing lists <fcrippa> tomorrow I'll send an email to fedora-ambassadors ml with event details and I'll start process to request dvds and so on...
GeroldKa  ?
fcrippa eof
fabian_a thanks, fcrippa
fabian_a rivrandi1
rivrandi1 Has been resolved.
rivrandi1 EOF
fabian_a MrTom
MrTom could you share the sources of your banners and posters please ? eof
fabian_a there are some sources:,,
fabian_a GeroldKa
GeroldKa fcrippa, when and where is that event? [maybe] I have to plan a journey to Cassano, Verona and Parma. How far away from one of this towns?
GeroldKa eof
fcrippa GeroldKa: Lodi, 19th of February
fcrippa Lodi is far about 40 Km from Parma
fcrippa for me is not a problem to pick you up around this places and get you to Lodi
fugolini  !
fcrippa oef
fabian_a fugolini
fugolini Thank you. I have to see if i have some exams, if i will be avaiable i will send you an email.
fabian_a fugolini, eof?
fugolini If you send me a pm i will
fugolini talk with you there
fugolini eof
fabian_a next
fabian_a Status of the NPO
fabian_a Perhaps GeroldKa or kanarip will tell us something about the status of the European NPO.
GeroldKa sorry same status as last year :-(
fabian_a thanks, GeroldKa
GeroldKa unfortunately the german departments haven't answered yet
fabian_a Now the stage is open...anything else? Any more questions or issues before we close this meeting?
zydoon  !
fabian_a zydoon
zydoon I'am from Tunisia
zydoon it might be offtopic, but important
zydoon today I was invited in our Ministery odf Justice
zydoon to my surprise they want to migrate totally to linux
zydoon with a small pb
zydoon they have a couple of old VB apps bundled with Cristal reports staff
zydoon is there any succefull experience ?
zydoon to that ?
GeroldKa  !
fabian_a GeroldKa
GeroldKa Please go ahead to contact NayyardAhmed
GeroldKa he has done such a job in Mosambique
GeroldKa last year
zydoon good to know*
GeroldKa I'm really sure he is willing to help
GeroldKa and it was also a Ministry
GeroldKa eof
zydoon thx eof
tc1415  !
fabian_a tc1415
tc1415 In the agenda there is an entry about social networks, do we want to discuss that now?
fabian_a fcrippa, something about the social networks
fcrippa just a report about last activities on social networks
fcrippa when I proposed linkedin group I had two goals
fcrippa 1)increase fedora visibility under some "very used social networks" (linked and flickr in particular...) <zodbot> Announcement from my owner (mmcgrath): A major part of this upgrade / outage cycle is about to begin. Many systems will be up and down over the next 15-20 minutes. <fcrippa> 2) discover how many “fedora enthusiasts” are over social networks and how many of these read fedora-ambassadors and fedora-mkrt mailing list
fcrippa for linkedin this is the statistics:
fcrippa if you search “fedora” you can find about 450 people
fcrippa but only 35 are subscribed to fedora group
fcrippa (for the moment we have 3 managers: FrancescoCrippa, PascalCalarco and JonStanley)
tc1415  !
fcrippa what do you think about these activities?
nihed +1
fcrippa Is it better to try to promote fedora logo under social networks or could be better to hide so low crowded networks until we will much more numerous?
fcrippa oef
tc1415 imho, they are an important facet of our community side
|zeus| enthusiasm and marketing it's different thing, IMHO
rsc +1
tc1415 fwiw, the statistics for Facebook are: the Fedora Ambassadors group has 4 members; the Fedora Rocks group has: 636members, the Fedora Users group 234 and the Fedora -Linux group 71
fcrippa  !
|zeus| i'm working on fedora advance in russian social networks, but i'm read [fedora-mktg] for a different reason :)
|zeus| for example
fabian_a |zeus|, please follow the protocol
|zeus| sorry
fabian_a i guess it would be a good idea to add the statistics to the wiki page
tc1415  !
fabian_a as an overview
fcrippa +1
fabian_a fcrippa
fcrippa in facebook you can looking for a group, but in linkedin you have to receive right link from a "marketing" people
fcrippa or read link from fedora wiki
fcrippa some social network require "active" approach
fcrippa eof
fabian_a tc1415
tc1415 I justed wanted to invite any and all Ambassadors who are on Facebook to joint he Fedora Ambassadors group, since I'm sure there are more than 4
tc1415 eof
fabian_a anything else for today?
fcrippa  !
fabian_a fcrippa
nihed  !
fcrippa what do you think about opportunity to invite some "VIPs"? (like JimWhitehurst or other important people in fedora... max, paul, etc...)
fcrippa eof
tc1415 +1
fabian_a nihed
nihed tc1415, do you have a link of the group on Facebook thank you eof
tc1415 nihed:
fabian_a are we done?
AndreasR +1
fabian_a 5
fabian_a 4
fabian_a 3
fabian_a 2
kital  !
fabian_a kital
rivrandi1  ! Can stay the german ambs stay behind?
zydoon good night everybody
rivrandi1 Coordinating the drive to Fosdem
kital one more thing - alan cox will come to open expo
kital eof
GeroldKa gesehen
nihed good night :)
fabian_a Fedora Ambassadors Meeting EMEA 2008-01-16 has been adjourned. Next meeting in February 2008.

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