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== Transcript ==
== Transcript ==
[20:59] <gregdek> Looks like meeting time, eh?
[20:59] <gregdek> Or 3 minutes till?
[21:02] <Karlie> Hello everyone
[21:02] <ke4qqq> Hi Karlie
[21:03] <iWolf> Karlie: hi!
[21:03] <gregdek> Let the ROLL CALL begin!
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[21:03] <inode0> hehe, let's go so I can stop reading *the* thread
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[21:03] <gregdek> Sigh.  Which thread is *the* thread?
[21:03] <vwbusguy> hello
[21:03] <ke4qqq> DavidNalley
[21:03] <iWolf> JeffreyTadlock
[21:03] <inode0> JohnRose
[21:03] <VileGent> JamesBenWilliams
[21:04] <Karlie> Karlie Robinson
[21:04] <vwbusguy> ScottWilliams
[21:05] <herlo> herlo
[21:05] <gregdek> OK, that looks like quorum to me.
[21:05] <herlo> ClintSavage
[21:05] <gregdek> I hear that folks have been working on an agenda.  :)
[21:05] <herlo> yes we have...
[21:05] <ke4qqq>
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[21:06] <gregdek> So.  Who's our chair for tonight?  herlo or ke4qqq?  :)
[21:07] <gregdek> (Since I may get kicked out of here, and the meeting
must proceed whether I am here or not)
[21:07] <herlo> lol, I think its a combined effort
[21:07] <ke4qqq> gregdek: keep leading, herlo can take over if you fall out.
[21:07] <herlo> ke4qqq started the discussion, and I ended it...
[21:07] <gregdek> All right.
[21:07] <gregdek> So it looks like the first item is reports on last
week's action items.
[21:08] <gregdek> My page:
[21:08] <gregdek>
[21:08] <gregdek> This is the page I set up for task tracking.  Is it useful?
[21:08] <gregdek> Should it move to another url?
[21:09] <herlo> I prefer NA, but otherwise, yes
[21:09] <ke4qqq> it's useful.
[21:09] <rislam> Its perfect to track everything in one page with
task.. its helpful
[21:10] <iWolf> i agree with helpful
[21:10] <herlo> but FF can type it in for me so...
[21:10] <gregdek> Then it appears that we've got two completed tasks
-- completion of the page itself :) and the polo shirts.
[21:10] <gregdek> But new tasks, we have none.
[21:10] <gregdek> So I guess we'll be adding some of those after the
meeting, yes?
[21:10] <ke4qqq> one would assume.
[21:10] * herlo points to the agenda and what will come out of it though...
[21:10] <iWolf> +1
[21:12] <gregdek> OK.
[21:12] <gregdek> So then we're done with that.
[21:12] <gregdek> Next on the agenda:
[21:12] <gregdek> Proposed NA structure and goals.
[21:12] <gregdek>
[21:13] <herlo> I think the main focus we had from a discussion
between ke4qqq and I, was that the leadership should be merit based.
[21:14] <herlo> To invoke that merit, however, needs to be enticed a little.
[21:14] <herlo> so those who are here today, have a definite piece of
the construction of how NA Ambassadors comes to be
[21:15] <herlo> per our discussion, we've divided NA into 3 main
regions, hoping to get an active Ambassador in each state/province
[21:15] <ke4qqq> yes - and that we aren't suggesting that this is
fixed in stone - but these were the non-RH employees that showed up at
the last meeting and we built it from that - and essentially that
someone needs to take ownership of whats going on in a region.
[21:16] <iWolf> i think the regional leaders assigned are fine, fedora
is all about people that do the work leading the way, so I don't see
objections over the regional leaders chosen.
[21:16] <VileGent> +1
[21:16] <gregdek> +1
[21:17] <herlo> one thing we did want to discuss was that we really
need a regional ambassador for Canada as its pretty big.
[21:17] <herlo> question is, do we have any Ambassadors in Canadia?
[21:17] <rislam> but the regional leaders should be little bit
aggresive to get connected with all the ambassadors
[21:17] <ke4qqq> and we dumped it John Rose if no one from Canada
wants to pick it up.
[21:17] <herlo> rislam: we agree
[21:17] <rislam> for all of yours kind info.. in canada we are only 8 people
[21:17] <herlo> that's the regional leaders pov too
[21:17] <ke4qqq> rislam: we plan on it - we've already divied up names
and will start hitting ambassadors based on region asap
[21:18] <inode0> 8 are listed
[21:18] <ke4qqq> rislam: you are the new Canadian regional ambassador?
[21:18] <rislam> yes
[21:18] <rislam> yes i am
[21:18] <rislam> most of them working with redhat and they are pretty busy
[21:18] * herlo needs a bit of curiosity as to where to find these
names?  I'm not that versed in this information gathering you all seem
to have
[21:19] <herlo> rislam: perfect!
[21:19] <iWolf> the country list off the main ambassador page
[21:19] <ke4qqq> herlo: it's in the country section, but iirc there
were more than 8.
[21:19] <inode0>
[21:19] <iWolf> herlo: ^^^
[21:19] * herlo looks
[21:19] <herlo> oh, perfect!
[21:19] * herlo bookmarks the page
[21:20] <iWolf> now that isn't entirely accurate, it depends on the
ambassador to add themselves to that page.
[21:20] <iWolf> but its a good start.
[21:20] <herlo> sure, that's good enough for me
[21:21] <ke4qqq> herlo: did you get the list of ambassadors I sent
divided by region?
[21:21] <herlo> iWolf: well, I'm on there :) so I must have known
about it at some point
[21:21] <iWolf> herlo: :)
[21:21] <herlo> ke4qqq: when did you send it?
[21:21] <ke4qqq> two days ago
[21:21] <rislam> i will be back all of u
[21:21] <herlo> ke4qqq: looking, but I don't recall that.  Doesn't
mean I didn't miss it
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[21:22] <inode0> we can be very flexible about this, if more folks
come forward we can rearrange things to accommodate
[21:22] <inode0> I think this is ok to get us started now
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[21:22] <gregdek> So is this list accurate at this point, and all agree to it?
[21:22] <herlo> ke4qqq: found it
[21:22] <iWolf> inode0: agreed, flexibility is good, and this is a
good start to move forward.
[21:22] <ke4qqq> but I don't want to get too bogged down - essentially
this is very much in motion and will get us started - start by taking
ownership of what's going on.
[21:22] <iWolf> ke4qqq: +1
[21:23] <herlo> agreed, plus we can start contacting individuals.  the
biggest thing for me is to get them involved and keep them involved,
which brings me to our responsibilities
[21:24] <gregdek> Does "contacting individual ambassadors" get added
to the TODO?
[21:24] <ke4qqq> Yes!
[21:24] <iWolf> what is the contact message going to be?
[21:24] <herlo> so the thing I'm looking at is activities.  There's
been heavy discussion between ke4qqq and I about getting these people
involved with their local LUGs and other activities.
[21:25] <herlo> and keeping them involved
[21:25] <herlo> the thing I continue to be hung up on, is how we
entice them.  I think there's a bit of give and take
[21:25] <iWolf> side note, the discussions should probably take place
on the ambassadors m-l, so eveyone can offer input, might be a good
way to find other active NA ambassadors.
[21:25] <herlo> agreed.  lets do that there then...
[21:25] * herlo hadn't even thought of that.
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[21:26] * gregdek goes to add to the TODO while discussion continues...
[21:26] * inode0 wants to push ambassadors partnering with charities
to do good things
[21:26] <ke4qqq> iWolf - that essentially we want to stop the drifting
- we want to take ownership, and we are the 'regional ambassadors,
please tell us what we can do to spur things on. Ask them to get
involved, speak at lugs, provide reports of said things, etc.
[21:26] <herlo> but I'd like to point out that if we do a little for
the ambassadors up front (new or re-invigorated ones), we help them to
feel more a part of the fedora team
[21:26] * inode0 also wants to nudge Fedora to in some way sponsor
those activities
[21:27] * herlo agrees totally with inode0
[21:27] <herlo> which is where the give and take comes in
[21:27] <iWolf> ke4qqq: sounds like a good contact message.  +1
[21:27] <gregdek> Time to have the famsco budget discussion.  :)
[21:27] <inode0> sponsorship doesn't necessarily mean money in these cases
[21:27] <herlo> gregdek: no, we just want it all :)
[21:28] <herlo> inode0: I think it does to a point, but it shouldn't
be a heavy investment
[21:28] <herlo> the proof is in the reports (aka blog posts, pictures, etc)
[21:28] <ke4qqq> we do need to define our relationship with FAMSCo
...... most of us kind of ignore them and back channel to gregdek or
[21:29] <gregdek> Which, as has been pointed out to me rigorously, is
a mistake.  :)
[21:29] <ke4qqq> which isn't healthy for FAMSCo or for showing that we
are doing anything
[21:29] <herlo> okay, so I think there's a divergence of thought here
[21:29] <inode0> Fedora lending its name to an effort is valuable on
the local level - don't underestimate that
[21:29] <herlo> one is, getting to the discussion of FAMSco and the
other is to discuss how we invigorate ambassadors
[21:29] <herlo> which one should we tackle first?
[21:30] <gregdek> the latter.
[21:30] <VileGent> well having meetings at time that all ambassadors
are not in the middle of work hours helps  i think like tonights
[21:30] <ke4qqq> indeed.
[21:31] <herlo> so, I was pointing out that if we make a small
investment in the ambassadors, we can see the returns more quickly.
Something like giving them a tshirt and some LiveCDs.  They wear the
t-shirt or give it away...
[21:31] <herlo> when they blog about it or put up pictures, that's our
reward, then we invest a little more
[21:31] <VileGent> annouceing such meetings in channels like #fedora
#fedora-unity got me in here
[21:32] <herlo> the idea is to give ambassadors a bit of incentive to
get started, then move them to a broader role (aka their State/area)
would be a good win for Fedora
[21:32] <iWolf> herlo: i agree to a point, but we do do this with
ambassadors that step up to handle an event.
[21:32] <herlo> iWolf: right, I know
[21:32] <herlo> and those people should already be rewarded.
[21:33] <Karlie> the biggest thing to get volunteers charged up is a task
[21:33] <iWolf> herlo: and with limited funds, you have to ask which
gets more bang for the $, swag to ambassadors that already use fedora
or swag to potential new fedora users.
[21:33] <herlo> the work so hard to make events turn out nice, and I
think they fit well in this scheme
[21:33] * iWolf doesn't necessarily know the answer to that
[21:33] <ke4qqq> iWolf:  but it's an EVENT.....not a LUG
meeting.....not talking to the Lions Club
[21:33] <inode0> Karlie: +1
[21:33] <herlo> Karlie: right on!
[21:33] <Karlie> people need something to do
[21:33] <iWolf> ke4qqq: as in you mean we only provide for events?
[21:33] <herlo> I guess for me, until this past FUDCon, I didn't
really feel like I knew how to contribute.
[21:33] [Nick] Erroneous Nickname
[21:34] <iWolf> ke4qqq: put the planned lug talk up on the events
page, it counts.
[21:34] <ke4qqq> iWolf: I mean that is what it's structured for.
[21:34] <herlo> I didnt really feel like I was Fedora (pardon the pun)
[21:34] <inode0> rewarding and encouraging small "events" is high on
my wish list too - there should be far more of those
[21:34] <iWolf> we (famsco) also pushed hard for release parties for f9 as well
[21:34] <lcafiero> agree with inode0
[21:34] <iWolf> small events belong on the Fedora Events page as well.
[21:34] <herlo> but I wanted to belong, be a part of this cool goings
on.  And while people say, just start doing stuff, I was kind of
[21:34] <ke4qqq> small events seem insignificant on the list -
compared with linuxtag.
[21:35] <ke4qqq> yeah we need to mentor people - be they old inactive or new.
[21:35] <rislam> its also part of reward iWolf
[21:35] <iWolf> say I am in Ohio looking for soemthing Fedora going
on, where do I look.  I should be looking at the Fedora Events page.
[21:35] <herlo> to me, its getting people involved in the little ways
[21:35] <inode0> they belong on the events page but do they get put there?
[21:35] <iWolf> inode0: no, they do not.  But they should.  :)
[21:35] <iWolf> we can lead by example.
[21:35] <herlo> I was emailed personally by Max telling me not to give
up on FUDCon and that they'd help me get there.  This is the kind of
thing that I want to give to ambassadors.  Unfortunately, RH doesn't
have money to fly everyone everywhere
[21:35] <iWolf> so people don't get afraid to put their LUG event there.
[21:36] <ke4qqq> iWolf: NO I disagree - you should be contacted by the
OH state Ambassador and have him mentor. The ambassador who is mature
should go out and find events to list on the page.
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[21:36] <iWolf> ke4qqq: and I do that.
[21:36] <herlo> iWolf: I think part of the problem is that people
think a LUG event is significant enough
[21:36] <herlo> at least in NA
[21:36] <ke4qqq> I don't doubt that you do - but no one did that with herlo or I
[21:36] <iWolf> ke4qqq: I have actually touched base with herlo  as
well for his Utah event.
[21:36] <gregdek> The events page, right now, is intended more for coordination.
[21:36] <iWolf> ke4qqq: because I didn't think anyone else had.
[21:36] <herlo> iWolf: now I know who you are :)
[21:37] <iWolf> herlo: :)
[21:37] * herlo did a /whois on you last time with no good info
[21:38] <herlo> iWolf: and I agree on events, we should continue to
spend money there, I just wnat to make it easier for Ambassadors to
work simpler, easier crowds.
[21:38] <inode0> well if we found a way to exhibit pride in covering
small local talks, even to 15 people, I think it would be good all
[21:38] * herlo agrees with inode0
[21:38] <Karlie> so how do you task an ambassador to talk to the lug?
[21:38] <iWolf> herlo: I agree with making things eaier for small
events, shoot, I agree with trying to make things easier for *all*
[21:39] <Karlie> give them templates to use?
[21:39] <inode0> and I guess we should shut up and do it, post them,
let other ambassadors see we think they are important
[21:39] <iWolf> Karlie: Templates for talks would be great.
[21:39] <herlo> Karlie: we get state ambassadors and have them go out,
start small their local lugs
[21:39] <ke4qqq> Karlie: you give him  a slide deck and tell him to go
talk - maybe go with him if you are close enough
[21:39] <gregdek> inode0: an emphatic +1!
[21:39] <ke4qqq> build confidence and 'ownership'
[21:39] <herlo> regional ambassadors might have to help them by
sending a few emails around, mentoring isn't the simplest job, but I
think its going to win out in the end
[21:39] <iWolf> yep, we need to provide ambassadors with "starter"
talks, slide decks, etc.
[21:39] <Karlie> I just think that if they had some choices
[21:40] <iWolf> lower that hurdle for an ambassador to do a local event.
[21:40] <Karlie> pick a talk, go to a confrence, plan a party
[21:40] <VileGent> help at an installfest and bring media
[21:40] <rislam> picking a talk isn't wise
[21:40] <herlo> regional ambassadors might have to make a trip a
couple states away, and maybe that can be accommodated expenswise and
maybe not, but there's room for us to figure that out
[21:40] * herlo wants those 10 things written on our task list now :)
[21:40] <herlo> gregdek:  ^^
[21:41] <herlo> I guess I could put them there too
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[21:41] <ke4qqq> but at least on the east coast there is an ambassador
within 100 miles of virtually everwhere.....I know that isn't true in
the rest of the country.
[21:41] <Karlie> Not everyone would be cofortable in front of a crowd
so plan a party instead - just do something
[21:41] <gregdek> herlo: what 10 things?
[21:41] <herlo> gregdek: just kidding, there are only a few
[21:41] <herlo> pick a talk, go to a confrence, plan a party
[21:41] <herlo> 19:40 < VileGent> help at an installfest and bring media
[21:41] <ke4qqq> Karlie: yeah not necessarily a talk - perhaps going
to an Ubuntu installfest and offering an alternative?
[21:41] <lcafiero> or 10 in binary maybe?
[21:41] <iWolf> ke4qqq: I think that's bad form.
[21:41] * herlo disagrees with rislam about picking a talk not being
wise.  Simple talks are important
[21:41] <iWolf> ke4qqq: just my opinion.
[21:42] <herlo> gregdek: do you want me to put them there? I can
[21:42] <VileGent> herlo,  my lug knows i will show up with fedora media
[21:42] <Karlie> I've been to Ubuntu install parties
[21:42] <herlo> VileGent: yay!
[21:42] <herlo> Karlie: me too
[21:42] <ke4qqq> I was actually invited to one to present fedora 2
months back - shocked me.
[21:42] * herlo actually held a release party combined with Fedora and Ubuntu
[21:42] <gregdek> herlo: Do it.  :)
[21:42] <herlo> gregdek: k, will do
[21:42] <VileGent> herlo,  heck i show up at Ohio linuxfest with re-spin media
[21:43] <ldimaggi_> herlo, Hello?
[21:43] * iWolf notes he did
[21:43] <ke4qqq> have we hashed this enough for tonight?? or do we need more.
[21:43] <iWolf> we need to come out of this with a task.
[21:43] <iWolf> so...
[21:43] <inode0> I think a lot of ambassadors aren't well situated for
planning release parties - I'd like to have a release party or a local
talk be encouraged for F10
[21:43] <iWolf> we need to enable ambassadors to do this, host a small
talk to a lug, etc.
[21:43] <ke4qqq> TASK: stated regional ambassadors will contact
ambassaodrs in their regions...
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[21:44] <iWolf> inode0: can you explain more?  we posted tons on
release parties for f9, what was lacking?
[21:44] <iWolf> where can we (famsco) improve?
[21:44] <iWolf> re: release party prep?
[21:44] <ke4qqq> TASK: See if marketing/artwork will do us a nice
slidedeck that's simple enough for a new ambassador to cover.
[21:44] <herlo> rislam: what is your wiki page?
[21:44] <herlo> I'm adding you to a task iydm
[21:44] <inode0> not lacking at all - but most ambassadors did not participate
[21:44] <rislam>
[21:44] <iWolf> ke4qqq: sounds good, I just want to be sure we have
the materials to provide when we have excited ambassadors ready to
[21:45] <inode0> perhaps they live in the sticks, so organizing one is
[21:45] <iWolf> inode0: could we have done better?
[21:45] <iWolf> inode0: good point!  :)
[21:45] <rislam> correction pls :
[21:45] <inode0> I'm trying to find a way more can participate in that
celebration without having to throw a party is all
[21:45] <ke4qqq> yeah - it's a phased approach, but we have to start somewhere.
[21:45] <herlo> rislam: k, I'll add you now, if you don't want it,
feel free to remove it
[21:46] <rislam> its my pleasure, u go ahead
[21:46] <Karlie> Maybe theres' too much emphisis on release - what
about Fedora every day?
[21:46] <rislam> i love this idea Karlie
[21:46] <herlo> Karlie: I like that too, but I think we could start
with releases and work are way to every day?
[21:46] <rislam> i talk with everyone about Fedora
[21:47] <herlo> NA Ambassadors can't take everything on at once IMO
[21:47] <Karlie> Sure.  Let's just not box anyone into a set criteria
to help, let it expand
[21:47] <inode0> agreed, let's start by getting them to talk about
Fedora one day, then we move to the next day :)
[21:47] <gregdek> herlo: +1.  :)
[21:47] <iWolf> herlo: +1
[21:47] <herlo> Ambassadors Toolkit is the new thing for us...
[21:47] <ke4qqq> yeah we have to ramp up - contacting everyone we can do -
[21:47] <gregdek> It doesn't hurt to have a long list of tasks, but
it's important to block and tackle.  Engage one set of work at a time.
[21:48] *** stickster is now known as stickster_afk.
[21:48] <herlo> its something we can give out every release, LiveCDs
(50 or so) and some simple flyers or something to give away
[21:48] <-- KageSenshi has left this server (Remote closed the connection).
[21:48] * herlo points to the task list, its on there now too...
[21:48] <rislam> it should be officially done by steering committee
[21:48] <herlo> we really should think about making sure that
Ambassadors have the simple tools to share the Fedora Message...
[21:48] <Karlie> Just that if someone misses an opportunity to party
for a release, shouldn't stop them from going forward
[21:49] <inode0> arming ambassadors with nice media each release is good
[21:49] <herlo> Karlie: agreed, if they have a Toolkit, they should
have everything they need to talk to anyone any day...
[21:49] <ke4qqq> no, and we should supply every ambassador who asks
for a minimum kit of media plus ??
[21:50] * herlo thinks there could be literature about fedora's
features and other cool projects fedora is involved.  however, I think
that's a step two.
[21:50] <ke4qqq> make that part of the 'mentoring'.
[21:50] --> mccann has joined this channel
[21:50] <herlo> Sounds like we need to discuss the toolkit with
FAMSco?  I think I saw that somewhere, rislam ?
[21:50] <gregdek> herlo: that's what the messaging index exists for.
[21:50] <herlo> gregdek: point me...
[21:50] * herlo knows nothing of this messaging index of which you speak.
[21:51] <inode0> by toolkit do you mean the eventbox or whatever it was called?
[21:51] <herlo> right
[21:51] <iWolf> i think toolkit would be for each individual ambassador.
[21:51] <inode0> ok, most ambassadors don't quite need all that
[21:51] <herlo> simple though, just has CDs and maybe some other simple swag
[21:51] <rislam> i meant not toolkit but about the expense
[21:51] <iWolf> event box is for an ambassador attending an event to
provide a  booth in a box.
[21:51] <herlo> giveaways, mostly
[21:51] <ke4qqq> iWolf: yeah - simple - just CDs maybe stickers.....
[21:51] <herlo> rislam: right, that's why I asked
[21:51] <ke4qqq> we might get a regional sign or something
[21:51] <gregdek>
[21:51] <herlo> ke4qqq: ooh, stickers :)
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[21:52] <inode0> sure, ambassadors being armed with stuff is good
[21:52] <rislam> thank u herlo to mention abt the stickers
[21:52] <herlo> rislam: it was ke4qqq, but okay
[21:52] * inode0 is arranging a boatload of buttons to share
[21:52] <ke4qqq> ok - barring any opposition - lets move on - we are
52 minutes in....
[21:52] <herlo> yep, and I have another meeting starting in about 20-30 minuts
[21:52] <Karlie> Tool kit = how to get going.  Event box = swag etc
[21:52] <iWolf> ke4qqq: +1
[21:53] <ke4qqq> Karlie: +1
[21:53] <herlo> Karlie: hmm, okay, I can go for that
[21:53] <herlo> +1
[21:53] <VileGent> +1
[21:53] <rislam> +1
[21:53] <herlo> moving on
[21:53] <ke4qqq> CD handling
[21:53] <herlo> right
[21:53] <ke4qqq> iWolf: we want to let Karlie and Co. handle
distribution and mfg of all NA media
[21:54] <ke4qqq> we'd like to have FAMSCo pay her directly
[21:54] <herlo> ke4qqq: when did we say we wanted that to start? F11?
[21:54] <ke4qqq> we'd like to have it so that individual ambassadors.
can order.
[21:54] <ke4qqq> I thought F10?
[21:54] <herlo> okay, that's fine, can't recall.  F10 it is
[21:54] <ke4qqq> but I am worried about lead time - we have ~3 months left.
[21:54] --> Sonar_Gal has joined this channel
[21:54] <Karlie> that's not a problem
[21:54] <iWolf> so far CD ordering has been one of those blackboxes,
famsco sets money aside and then rh guys do it.
[21:54] <Karlie> we could do it in a month
[21:55] <herlo> iWolf: we want to change that!
[21:55] <ke4qqq> iWolf: I know - and that makes us go around FAMSCo to
RH - which is a loser.
[21:55] <ke4qqq> not that we don't like RH - but it undermines the
community and the organization
[21:55] <herlo> we shouldnt have to rely on max and greg every time we
need something...
[21:55] <iWolf> herlo: :) , sorry, that was meant to say, there are
more folks than just me that need to work that change through, not
that it can't be done.
[21:55] <ke4qqq> iWolf: you're the only FAMSCo member who showed up
[21:55] <herlo> iWolf: Oh I know, we had this discussion last week
[21:55] * iWolf hides  :-)
[21:56] <herlo> lol
[21:56] <ke4qqq> I think gregdek and others agree in principle and I
think we got some buyin from stickster
[21:56] <iWolf> I can bring this up on the famsco list, Max is on that
as well, so we can see what the options are.
[21:56] <ke4qqq> TASK for iWolf! lol
[21:56] <herlo> I think from what gregdek said last week, its possible
and probably even likely to happen.  Timing is the biger thing I
[21:56] <iWolf> yep, I'll take it.
[21:57] <herlo> iWolf: I can put it on the list if you like...
[21:57] <rislam> we should thank him in advance for tht
[21:57] <iWolf> herlo: if you could, that would be great.
[21:57] <herlo> np
[21:57] <ke4qqq> Karlie and Todd sent a punchlist of what they need:
I'll forward it to you iWolf
[21:57] <iWolf> ke4qqq: sounds good.
[21:57] <iWolf> Karlie: so you would ship to the individual ambassador?
[21:57] * gregdek has been afk, reads back up...
[21:57] <Karlie> yes
[21:58] <Karlie> we can do individual orders as needed for events etc
[21:58] <herlo> Karlie: what's your company name again?
[21:58] <ke4qqq> thats what they do for a living - so I imagine they
can do it better than we can.
[21:58] <rislam> i have to leave all
[21:58] <Karlie> webpath Technologies and
[21:58] <herlo> rislam: thanks for taking Canada
[21:58] * herlo says bye
[21:58] <ke4qqq> and it also makes it low additional work for us.
[21:58] <ke4qqq> tnx rislam
[21:58] <iWolf> do we know pricing for the media already?
[21:59] <rislam> thank u, its an amazing experienc while with Fedora
and its community: its wide
[21:59] <-- rislam has left this channel.
[21:59] <Karlie> We're offering 50% off our list price for any qty for
the ambassadors
[21:59] <Karlie> $2 per CD $2.50 per DVD
[21:59] <Karlie> vs 3.99 and 4.99
[22:00] <iWolf> Karlie: cool, thanks for the info.
[22:00] <Karlie> np
[22:00] <inode0> not to be a troublemaker but is there a policy for
source CD/DVDs with orders?
[22:00] <herlo> inode0: how do you mean?
[22:00] <iWolf> inode0: we need to have the ability to provide source
media at an event.
[22:01] <Karlie> the way we work is that source has to be available somewhere
[22:01] <inode0> that is what I meant herlo
[22:01] <iWolf> inode0: you can either burn it on demand or make a few
before an event.
[22:01] <Karlie> if it's on a mirror that's available.
[22:01] <gregdek> iWolf: offer it burn on demand.
[22:01] <gregdek> inode0: offer it burn on demand.
[22:01] <herlo> +1
[22:01] <ke4qqq> so we have tasked that item to iWolf ready to move on?
[22:01] <herlo> yep
[22:01] <iWolf> gregdek: yeah, I usually have a few on hand and then
the isos ready to burn more, but i like to be prepared.
[22:01] <inode0> well, if Karlie sends me 100 LiveCDs there is a known
source source for me to burn that collection from?
[22:01] <iWolf> ke4qqq: +1
[22:02] <gregdek> Moving on?
[22:02] <gregdek> What's next?
[22:02] * gregdek has lost track.
[22:02] <ke4qqq> budget post F10
[22:02] <VileGent> inode0,  yep its call ther source repo
[22:02] <herlo> swag
[22:02] <ke4qqq> yep
[22:02] <herlo> what ke4qqq said
[22:02] <ke4qqq> swag and budget post f10
[22:02] <inode0> VileGent: uh, changes over time
[22:02] <VileGent> no it doesnt
[22:03] <herlo> we'd like to separate the CD/DVD burning budget out
from the rest of the swag IIRC
[22:03] <ke4qqq> eventually we want to take it over  - much like EMEA
- we want to get people in Fedora bathrobes lol...
[22:03] <inode0> ok
[22:03] <herlo> yay, fedora bathrobes
[22:03] <ke4qqq> and yes spread it out
[22:03] <ke4qqq> though we toyed with the Fedora Toga idea
[22:03] * inode0 doesn't wear togas
[22:04] * herlo would if it had a Fedora logo on it :)
[22:04] <ke4qqq> so long term we need to find a vendor(s) and how to
handle swag distribution so we can have nicer swag and not depend on
RH (read: max and greg) to ship us stuff.
[22:05] <iWolf> we have a vendor here in ohio that has made some
excellent quality t-shirts and made the polos for us.
[22:05] <herlo> one thing I think this implies is that we have a
budget for this separate and in a more long term way from the media
[22:05] <iWolf> we could certainly have more than one vendor if needed though.
[22:05] <ke4qqq> and probably not one-off.
[22:05] <ke4qqq> iWolf: that complicates management though.
[22:05] <inode0> distribution is always the thornier part of this
[22:05] <herlo> iWolf: it seems to be that we could have one vendor,
but if need be we could increase in time
[22:05] <ke4qqq> Amb. A. need 5 shirts from place 1, and 50 stickers
from place b?
[22:06] <herlo> that's where regional ambassadors come in.  Which is
why my argument will be that they don't go away, just cover less and
less area ove rtime
[22:06] <ke4qqq> but I think we will really need to prove ourselves to
get that - so it's longer term and we really just want to get the idea
out there.
[22:06] <iWolf> ke4qqq: this is where it gets tricky.  5 shirts costs
more per shirt than 100 shirts.
[22:06] <iWolf> ke4qqq: so, we need a way to address that issue, plus
the distribution cost.
[22:06] <herlo> iWolf: right, which means we need some central points
of distribution
[22:06] <ke4qqq> yep - which is why we'll probably have regional orr
state distritbution.
[22:07] * herlo agrees +1
[22:07] <ke4qqq> but again we just want to 'stake our claim' a bit
ahead of time - we couldn't handle it today if we had to.
[22:07] <iWolf> state is apt to lead to high production costs, lower
distribution costs.  I am thinking regional will be the sweet spot.
[22:07] <ke4qqq> iWolf: probably so
[22:08] <herlo> iWolf: agreed
[22:08] <ke4qqq> moving on:
[22:09] <inode0> what we need is a good request system - so we can
order when we have sufficient demand
[22:09] <ke4qqq> inode0: yep
[22:09] <iWolf> inode0: that falls under the Fedora Store SIG to a
degree.  It has a user facet and an ambassador facet for bulk orders.
[22:09] <inode0> perfect
[22:09] * iWolf notes the Fedora Store SIG needs more interested
volunteers  hint, hint
[22:10] <iWolf> :)
[22:10] <ke4qqq> we need a slide deck - anyone want to volunteer to
build one that illustrates the 4 Fs and the cool features of F9?  or
do we farm it out to Marketing?
[22:10] <gregdek> iWolf: does it seem to you like that work could be
subsumed under this sig?
[22:10] <gregdek> iWolf: since isn't that a NA store out of necessity,
[22:11] <iWolf> gregdek: i don't think I understand the question?
[22:11] <iWolf> this sig = Store?
[22:11] <gregdek> iWolf: the store seems like it's a NA thing.
[22:11] <gregdek> this sig = na ambassadors
[22:11] <iWolf> gregdek: it isn't supposed to be, the store is
supposed to be a global thing.
[22:11] <gregdek> ok.
[22:11] <iWolf> though starting small, with chances to expand to cover
as much area as possible.
[22:12] <Karlie> sorry all, I have to go
[22:12] <ke4qqq> np, thanks for attending Karlie
[22:12] <iWolf> Karlie: g'night
[22:12] <ke4qqq> guys we are 61 minutes in - ready to move on?
[22:13] <Karlie> :-*
[22:13] <-- Karlie has left this channel.
[22:13] <herlo> thanks kanarip
[22:13] <herlo> karlie
[22:13] <iWolf> ke4qqq: +1
[22:13] <herlo> oops, she left
[22:13] <VileGent> *move on
[22:13] <ke4qqq> So next item : we need a slide deck - anyone want to
volunteer to build one that illustrates the 4 Fs and the cool features
of F9?  or do we farm it out to Marketing?
[22:13] <gregdek> Silence.
[22:13] * iWolf doesn't have the skills
[22:14] <ke4qqq> going once .....
[22:14] <ke4qqq> twice.....
[22:14] <VileGent> ask marketing if they could help and get their answer
[22:14] <gregdek> +1
[22:14] <ke4qqq> threee times......
[22:14] * herlo votes for marketing
[22:14] <iWolf> VileGent: +1
[22:14] <ke4qqq> guess we'll grovel at marketings feet
[22:14] <lcafiero> marketing (no skills either)
[22:14] <herlo> I think all ambassadors could use this
[22:14] <iWolf> herlo: +1  we really need something like this
[22:14] <inode0> marketing can at least bullet point the marketing
bits I would think
[22:14] <ke4qqq> next item: FAMSCo liason and relationship?
[22:15] * herlo points to iWolf
[22:15] <herlo> and move son
[22:15] <ke4qqq> thats done next item :)
[22:15] <iWolf> just one thing...
[22:15] <ke4qqq> ok....what one thing
[22:15] <iWolf> last meeting it seemed like folks were down on famsco,
seriously if anyone needs something or thinks we should be doing
something different, more visible, etc. - just let me know.
[22:16] <gregdek> iWolf: it's a question of ignorance.
[22:16] <iWolf> we really are here to help.  we want to be enablers
for people and help you get things done.
[22:16] <ke4qqq> that and we have been back channeling things so long
we assume nothing is going on.
[22:16] <gregdek> People assume that FAMSCO "calls all the shots",
when really it's a service group that works primarily on funding
[22:16] <iWolf> yeah, we work on budget and a few other things,
promote release parties, etc, but its the ambassadors that do the real
[22:17] <iWolf> that's all I have to say, I just want you guys to know
you can come to me if you need or want more famsco involvement or feel
we are falling short somewhere.
[22:17] <ke4qqq> it's yet another place where we assume (Like RH) that
they are in charge and we have let ourselves drift.
[22:18] <ke4qqq> we'll change that - we'll take ownership of the work.
[22:18] * gregdek applauds!
[22:18] <ke4qqq> we'll obviously need the pull from FAMSCo though
[22:18] <ke4qqq> to fund and lend credence to our efforts
[22:18] <iWolf> your efforts are very much appreciated, you've all
been doing great work at revitalizing the NA efforts.
[22:18] <ke4qqq> regardless of whether they are in charge or not, they
appear to others to be.
[22:18] <gregdek> OK, I'm being booted out.
[22:18] <ke4qqq> because after all they are the steering committee
[22:18] * VileGent move on
[22:19] <gregdek> And I'm starving, so I'm going to find food.
[22:19] <inode0> I have a question I don't know where it fits in
exactly - if FAMSCo promotes those events would FAMSCo be the contact
about promoting or c-co-co-sponsoring other ambassador events?
[22:19] <ke4qqq> thanks for coming gregdek
[22:19] <iWolf> gregdek: g'night
[22:19] <gregdek> Carry on without me, and be sure to keep that task
list fat.  ;)
[22:19] <-- gregdek has left this server ("Ex-Chat").
[22:19] <herlo> gregdek: tx
[22:19] <iWolf> inode0: events that need money at this moment would
come through famsco.
[22:19] <iWolf> inode0: if an ambassador just needs ideas or help with
an event they can come to famsco.
[22:20] <ke4qqq> inode0: but really we want to be the ideas and help
people not FAMSCo (I think)
[22:20] <iWolf> inode0: though, now that you guys are running, we
would likely just faciliate getting an NA ambassador in touch with the
regional ambassador for mentoring.
[22:20] <iWolf> ke4qqq: +1
[22:20] <ke4qqq> I don't want to 'task' FAMSCo (guys who are mostly in
EMEA) with telling us how to run an event
[22:20] <ke4qqq> though we could certainly sit at their feet and learn plenty.
[22:20] * inode0 doesn't feel at all entitled to lend Fedora's name to an event
[22:21] <ke4qqq> *waves a sword over inode0's shoulders
[22:21] <iWolf> inode0: do you have a specific example?  I think you
probably have more "power" than you realize.
[22:22] <ke4qqq> consider yourself ominus dominus-ed.
[22:22] <inode0> ok, suppose I want to work with a local safe house to
help them help who they already help better
[22:22] <ke4qqq> stuff Fedora stickers all over the equipment -
install Fedora- blog it and claim a great victory for Fedora. Sound
[22:23] <ke4qqq> or do you want more?
[22:23] <inode0> assuming I plan to involve Fedora in this project
anyway I'd like to do it in a big way where both groups benefit
[22:23] <iWolf> inode0: yeah, i'm with ke4qqq thoughts, sounds like a
win for both parties.
[22:23] <inode0> I don't want anything but Fedora's name really, and
some marketing if Fedora wanted that back
[22:24] <ke4qqq> we want that back - and Fedora logos visible in the
pictures you post.
[22:24] <herlo> sorry, another meeting started for me just now.  I'm still here
[22:24] <ke4qqq> maybe a warm fuzzy pic of a user.
[22:24] <ke4qqq> using Fedora
[22:24] <inode0> Can I tell the local charity that the Fedora Project
+ the XYZ LUG would like to help them?
[22:24] <inode0> That is where I get uncomfortable free-wheeling
[22:25] <ke4qqq> inode0: are you or another ambassador going to do the
work?? if so sounds good to me.
[22:25] <ke4qqq> you are the Fedora Project -you are the public
face.....if you do it. or am I out of line iWolf?
[22:25] <lcafiero> Question: Is this the place to mention projects, or
is it another venue?
[22:25] <iWolf> ke4qqq: I don't think you are out of line.
[22:25] <inode0> OK, I'll get over it
[22:26] <ke4qqq> lcafiero: define projects
[22:26] * iWolf only has a few more minutes before my wife drags me away...
[22:26] * VileGent battleaxe said bedtime 10 minutes ago
[22:26] <ke4qqq> lets move on then we have already discussed that we
are going to do mentoring. I'll task myself to write up some ideas
[22:26] <ke4qqq> polo shirts?
[22:26] <ke4qqq> update
[22:27] <inode0> delivered to me anyway
[22:27] <iWolf> ke4qqq: i received mine, its great.
[22:27] <inode0> yes, great
[22:27] <iWolf> ke4qqq: i blogged about it with a pic.
[22:27] <ke4qqq> someone was providing an update and it wasn't me.
[22:27] <VileGent> how do we order them
[22:27] <inode0> pcalarco
[22:27] <inode0> no present though
[22:27] <inode0> not
[22:27] <iWolf> blog post:
[22:27] <ke4qqq> ok so we've received them. VileGent contact pcalarco to order.
[22:28] <ke4qqq> AOB?
[22:28] <ke4qqq> 5....
[22:28] <ke4qqq> 4....
[22:28] <VileGent> AOB??
[22:28] <ke4qqq> 3....
[22:28] <ke4qqq> Any Other Business?
[22:28] <VileGent> events?
[22:28] <ke4qqq> Are there any for NA in the next little while?
[22:28] <vwbusguy> just wondering if Indianapolis was a possible place
to have stuff?
[22:28] <lcafiero> We're still in the midst of Lindependence 2008 in
Felton, California
[22:28] <ke4qqq> I know OLF is a couple months out.
[22:29] <lcafiero> As far as events go.
[22:29] <ke4qqq> cool lcafiero: tell us what's going on
there.....anything we can help with.
[22:29] <iWolf> i think LinuxWorld which Jack is doing.
[22:29] <iWolf> and herlo has the Utah gig.
[22:29] <ke4qqq> vwbusguy: what do you need in In?
[22:29] <ke4qqq> OSCON
[22:29] <iWolf> ke4qqq: oh yeah!  that too!
[22:30] <lcafiero> -- Briefly, it's
converting a town to GNU/Linux.
[22:30] <ke4qqq> some reason that didn't hit the agenda.....
[22:30] <iWolf> I have to head out.  Thanks again for al the work, I
will catch up from the logs.
[22:30] <ke4qqq> thanks iWolf
[22:31] <vwbusguy> ke4qqq, just wondering if I could help represent
Fedora locally in Indy
[22:31] <ke4qqq> anything we can do to help you at Lindepence.
[22:31] <herlo> sorry guys...
[22:31] <-- ldimaggi_ has left this server ("Leaving").
[22:32] <inode0> vwbusguy: sure!
[22:32] <ke4qqq> vwbusguy: absolutely! lugs around? run an install
fest, show off what is new and cool in F9.....etc.
[22:32] <lcafiero> the Cabrillo College GNU/Linux Users Group has been
copying F9 disks for the event, and there's only one more
meeting/installfest on 7/26
[22:32] <ke4qqq> vwbusguy: inode0 is your regional ambassador he can
work to get you some swag and stuff.
[22:32] <inode0> jlgaddis is nearby
[22:33] <ke4qqq> lcafiero: are there enough - cna we send you some
premade ones?
[22:33] <vwbusguy> sweet, inode0 I'll get with you after the meeting
[22:33] <lcafiero> So I think we're fine. Unfortunately, I'm the
organizer of the event and I can't spend as much time at the table as
I'd like.
[22:33] <lcafiero> The Cabrillo College GLUG is handling it, though.
They're big on F9
[22:33] <vwbusguy> just thought I'd pitch Indy for a fest location, it
is central to a lot of other big cities: Chicago, Louisville,
Cincinnati, Dayton, Detroit.
[22:33] <ke4qqq> are there any other ambassadors close by?? do we need
to find out and see if we can get you some warm bodies?
[22:34] <ke4qqq> staff the table a bit.
[22:34] <inode0> vwbusguy: go for FUDcon ... we need that off the east
coast one time :)
[22:35] <vwbusguy> inode0, that would be great!
[22:35] <ke4qqq> lcafiero: I'll see if I can get herlo to poke him.
[22:36] * VileGent is trying to get a fudcon to like columbus ohio
[22:36] <lcafiero> As far as bodies and Felton, California, I think
there are two ambassadors other than me.
[22:37] <lcafiero> Karsten Wade and someone in Monterey whose name I don;t know
[22:37] <ke4qqq> anyone else running an event or need help with one??
or want something to do?
[22:37] <herlo> ke4qqq: I can do that, where is Cabrillo college?
[22:37] <lcafiero> I'm also available to help with events anywhere in
California, Western Nevada or Southern Oregon -- if I can drive there
in a day, I'm there.
[22:37] <VileGent> nn
[22:37] <ke4qqq> Felton
[22:38] <ke4qqq> no one on the east coast??
[22:38] <ke4qqq> no other events we are running?
[22:38] <lcafiero> Cabrillo is in Aptos. Felton is in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
[22:38] * VileGent not till oct-november
[22:40] * VileGent will push for an installfest release party if f10
comes out early part of nov
[22:40] <ke4qqq> ok......well we have a ton of tasks. I'll post the
meeting log on the wiki and mailing list. if no one has any other
[22:40] <VileGent> nite
[22:40] <lcafiero> None. Thanks.
[22:41] <ke4qqq> none heard, thanks everyone for showing up!
[22:41] * ke4qqq bangs gavel and closes meeting.
[22:41] <VileGent> ke4qqq,  expect to be hearing from you soon

== Summary ==
== Summary ==

Latest revision as of 02:48, 23 July 2008

Fedora Ambassadors Meeting Minutes 2008-06-02 - North America

Meeting Time

  • 2008-07-22 9PM EDT
  • #fedora-mktg on freenode


This week's Ambassadors Meeting will be lead by GregDeKoenigsberg.

  • The participants will be posted after the meeting.

Meeting Protocol


Ambassadors, update this agenda with your latest items before the meeting has started.
  1. Update on Action Items from last meeting
  2. Proposed NA structure and goals
  3. CD handling for F10
  4. Swag and budget handling in the future
  5. Fedora slideshow for 'automated' feature presentation - req. help from marketing
  6. FAMSCo - relationship and liaison
  7. New NA Ambassador - equipping and mentoring.
  8. Ambassador polo shirts update



  • The summary will be posted after the meeting.

Next Meeting