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# remove Ambassadors category from personal wiki page
# remove Ambassadors category from personal wiki page
# remove from [[Ambassadors/CountryList | Country List]]
# remove from [[Ambassadors/CountryList | Country List]] (automated!)
# remove from 'ambassadors' group in Fedora Account System
# remove from 'ambassadors' group in Fedora Account System
# remove from [ fedora-ambassadors-list]
# remove from [ fedora-ambassadors-list]

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Ambassadors Header AmbassadorsN1.png

Membership Service for Fedora Ambassadors

Everyone in Fedora Ambassadors team should complete the CLA and join the ambassadors group in your Fedora Account System .

If you have any question about the Ambassdors membership service, please contact either:

Ambassadors who have signed the CLA and joined the Ambassadors Group

How to request a Fedora email alias for Ambassadors

OPL and CLA Check


Please contact following Fedora Ambassador Membership Administrators regarding your Membership Questions:
  • Susmit Shannigrahi <>
  • Joerg Simon <>

Ambassador unsubscribed from the mailing list


We noticed that you recently unsubscribed from the Ambassadors mailing list. If you want to remain active in Ambassadors, we ask that you remain subscribed. If you are no longer interested in being a Fedora Ambassador, that is ok. If you let us know, we can help you with that process also. Thank you.


Membership Check


Thank you for applying to the "Ambassadors" group in Fedora Account System.

In order to maintain a high level of quality in our Ambassadors, we ask you to follow our membership process:

After we get a "thumbs up" from your mentor and you have completed all steps, we will sponsor and approve your membership to the Ambassador group in the Fedora Account System.

Additional Steps

It is also recommended that you perform the following steps:

4. Change your first name and last name to Latin letters in the FAS if you filled your name in Cyrillic, Chinese, or other than Latin.

5. Subscribe to Fedora Announcements mailing List

6. Subscribe to Fedora Marketing mailing List

7. Read the Mailing Guidelines carefully before you start posting there.

8. If you blog about your work as Fedora Contributor, add your blog to Planet Fedora. and please read Appropriate Material

9. If you were contributing to Fedora before you signed the CLA, remove yourself from the Unlicensed Group for OPL without options.


  • How to search someone's gpg keys
$ gpg --keyserver --search

Good Reference

Mentor's first Answer


Thank you for your introduction. I am going to be your mentor as you learn more about being a Fedora Ambassador. Part of my job is to help you find your way into the Fedora Ambassador group. Please read the following information, and please stay in touch over email.

For information about obtaining a Fedora Project email alias or Fedora business cards, please visit following:

Please always follow our code of conduct:

Here are a few good places to start exploring our wiki:

Each region of the world has Ambassador meetings on IRC. Please join your region's meeting, and look at past meeting minutes to get an idea of what is happening.

Consider joining a Fedora event near you!

Find the other Fedora Ambassadors on Freenode IRC ( in channels #fedora-ambassadors and #fedora-mktg.

I know that there is a lot of information above, but we really appreciate you taking the time to explore the wiki and to become familiar with Fedora Ambassadors and their work. Afterwards, if you are still interested in being an Ambassador, we will work together in order to make sure that you are properly trained and that you can be successful.

Right now, I am interested in knowing more about you. For example, whether and how you are currently contributing to Fedora, how long you have been using Fedora, your plans with Fedora, and why being an Ambassador will help you to reach your goals. If you already have a meaningful user page in the wiki, you do not have to write things twice, point me to it. Otherwise this would be a very good chance to enhance your wiki page. Just be verbose - and I am waiting for your interesting reply via e-mail!

Thanks again, and welcome to Fedora Ambassadors!

Reject the subscription with a note

Does not respond to moderator requests, does not fulfill minimal requirements.

Removal Process for Ambassador's Membership

  1. remove Ambassadors category from personal wiki page
  2. remove from Country List (automated!)
  3. remove from 'ambassadors' group in Fedora Account System
  4. remove from fedora-ambassadors-list
  5. leave fedora-marketing-list
  6. send confirmation
RE: Fedora Ambassadors Membership

Thank you for all of your hard work as a Fedora Ambassador. You have been removed from the Ambassadors group (presumably at your own request). If this has happened in error, please let us know, and we will apologize and correct it! If you ever decide to join us again, we'll be happy to have you back.