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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-04-10

2006-04-11 03:00 UTC => 2006-04-10 11:00PM EDT


Meeting Time (EDT)

  • 23:03:49 - Meeting opens
  • 00:10:29 - Meeting adjourned

Meeting Summary


  • mspevack speaks:
  • 1) breakdown in communication
  • who was supposed to drive this with Rodrigo?
  • How was there so much lag in our approval and him knowing about it?
  • Action Item -- for every show in the future, someone in famsco must own it
  • 2) fixing FISL
  • we need to get him 3000
  • if you read famsco list, he's got a good breakdown of how the money will be spent.
  • Paypal is too slow at this point, we need to break process and wire him the money
  • mspevack: i can do that if need be
  • lxmaier: mspevack: if you can--all the power to you
  • mspevack: ok, that's it

Reimbursement Process and Policy

  • gregdek_home: When do we hammer out the process for paying ambassadors when it needs to happen? More to the point: who is responsible for coming up with that policy?
  • lxmaier: i wrote it up, and it looks everyone agreed

Owning an Event

  • mspevack speaks:
  • as i posted to famsco-list, someone on famsco needs to be wholly accountable for every event for which famsco approves budget
  • that means:
  • - making sure the local ambassadors who are responsible are doing what they are supposed to do
  • - making sure our process is being followed
  • - making sure they get their money from whoever in famsco pays it on time
  • - having the authority to pull the plug if everything is going downhill
  • for each event, someone in famsco should volunteer. if that becomes too much of a burden, well, we'll figure it out
  • nman64: Is there any reason that our Events team couldn't handle "owning" events?
  • gregdek_home: Single. Owner.
  • lxmaier: i have to second gregdek_home
  • gregdek_home: That's the problem we just saw. A group cannot effectively own something. An individual must.
  • mspevack: exactly
  • lxmaier: we can try this procedure out and figure out the details and stuff as we see the weaknesses
  • mspevack:
  • let's use linuxtag as an example -- it's coming up *soon*.
  • Someone, before the meeting ends tonight, needs to own that event,
  • and actually do things like know the date of it, etc.
  • next week, that person will speak to the status
  • that way we can make sure progress is being made

FAMSCO Treasurer

  • gregdek_home: FAMSCO needs a treasurer -- or someone whose job it is to disburse money.
  • gregdek_home volunteers to *not* be the treasurer. ;-)
  • lxmaier: and i don't mind handling all payments, as long as i do not have to work with the folks--i am truly at capacity at the moment
  • mspevack volunteers to be the money point
  • mspevack: ultimately i'm accountable for the budget, so why not just make me the treasurer? get the process started, i can always hand it to someone else
  • lxmaier: then all the power to you mspevack
  • gregdek_home: Let mspevack figure out his accounting procedures.
  • mspevack will be the treasurer

Task Team Reassignmenet

  • tchung: I noticed, mether hasn't joined any task team. :)
  • mether: I will be in events
  • tchung: I'll add you name there now.
  • tchung: I would like to remove myself from events.
  • tchung: ok, then I'm removing myself from events now.


  • lxmaier: okay then, mspevack will be responsible for FISL
  • lxmaier: who takes linuxtag?
  • gregdek_home: I'll take it.
  • mspevack: whoever takes linuxtag needs to be in touch with GeroldKa and Florian tomorrow and figure out what they need
  • mspevack: they need shirts and dvds
  • mspevack: i own FISL, i am treasurer, greg owns LinuxTag

Meeting Agenda

  • mspevack: honestly, i would just like to see an agenda for each meeting ahead of time with the pending tasks and owners, we run through a status, then address and assign new business
  • mether: and can we have an agenda before we start the meetings next time
  • lxmaier: the agenda will be posted on Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Meetings
  • lxmaier: and as we usually will have less to discuss, there is no need for a separate page

Task Group Report: Budget

  • lxmaier report:
  • i will post the guidelines for reimbursement to the ambassadors list
  • and if someone wants to build on this and make it available in more formats, all the better
  • i will post it on the wiki - Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee
  • mether: i think the processes should be in the wiki
  • mether: even in the feedback stage
  • mether: mark it as a draft doc during the feedback stage
  • lxmaier: i have nothing further on budget

Task Group Report: Members Services

  • tchung reports:
  • I don't have much to say for members service except
  • I've been updating a list of ambassadors who signed CLA and joined "ambassadors" group officially
  • nman64: tchung is doing a great job. He makes Bob and I look pathetic on the team. ;-)
  • lxmaier: kudos tchung

Task Group Report: Schwag

  • gregdek_home speaks:
  • DVDs headed for the store right now. Packs of 50 should be available within the week.
  • Lots of other stuff headed for production
  • got a note from the coolstuff store today to confirm some stuff.

  • Distribution/SponsoredMedia
  • tchung: Can we go live this week?
  • tchung: I would like to add Karlie's link if everyone agrees
  • nman64: tchung: Distribution is your project. That is your decision to make.
  • lxmaier: tchung: please do anything to help her, it's a great initiative!
  • nman64: tchung: Make sure that Karlie agrees to the listing.
  • tchung: ok the, I'll go live tomorrow officially after I check with Karlie.
  • mspevack: tchung: +1 to nman -- run it by Karlie, if she's fine with it, then go for it

Media Labels and Guidelines

  • mether: gregdek_home, what about media labels?
  • gregdek_home: Oh, yeah, we've got some official PDFs. I'll upload them in the next few days. Where should I put them -- got a URL handy?
  • Artwork/CDArt
  • gregdek_home: Perfect. I'll upload asap.
  • mether: gregdek_home, also there is going to be multiple labels. are we going to pick any of them as the formal one
  • gregdek_home: mether: Personally? I don't see why we should.
  • mether: gregdek_home, or let vendors choose whatever they want to use from the entries
  • gregdek_home: So long as none of the entries "modify" the logo, I'm fine with any of them.
  • tchung: I noticed that "Bubbles Theme" labels do not have any copyright information.
  • gregdek_home: Ah, yeah, then we need to fix that.
  • nman64: The Artwork team is going to be working towards a small set of standardized pieces.
  • lxmaier: mether: would you mind owning the issue of having all art posted at the url Artwork/CDArt
  • lxmaier: include all necessary information, such as (c) notice?
  • mether: besides dont we need them all to sign the CLA?
  • mether: lxmaier, I would follow up on that
  • nman64: lxmaier: We can get it in the Artwork guidelines. I'll mention it on the Artwork list.
  • tchung: Maybe we should have "art" group in Fedora Account System.
  • nman64: tchung: Yep. It'll be up soon.

Messaging Issue

  • nman64: It seems that many of the Ambassadors do not feel like tracking Fedora news is their responsibility.
  • nman64: A few have complained that we should have made a separate announcement on the Ambassadors list about the Foundation.
  • nman64: mether and I are of the position that they should be monitoring our primary news sources, such as fedora-announce-list.
  • tchung: perhaps, I should ask every *new* ambassadors to subscribe to fedora-announce-list
  • nman64: I think this points to a much deeper issue of the Ambassadors not realizing the commitment they have made to the Project.
  • lxmaier: ambassadors are not a fedora appreciation club, it's a group of volunteers who are there to do some work, and many ambassadors do not recognize that
  • lxmaier: some people can do more, some less, but it is always work that's involved
  • mspevack: how can the ambassadors do their job if they cannot speak about the current issues in fedora. they have to keep up. it's insane to think otherwise
  • mether: tchung, make it part of the ambassadors howto a point about subscribe to the announce list, reading, Red Hat magazine, fedora people and any other places as necessary to keep themselves informed of the major changes.
  • nman64: Indeed. This isn't a Country Club, it is a project with goals. We should try to focus on this point more in our introductory documentation.
  • gregdek_home: On this page: Ambassadors
  • gregdek_home: ...we have a great section called "Aims". It's good.
  • gregdek_home: It should be augmented by a section called "Duties"...
  • gregdek_home: ...which has the duties that people should perform to accomplish the Aims.
  • mspevack: gregdek_home: so, you gonna write that up? ;-)
  • gregdek_home: mspevack: On it right now.
  • nman64: FedoraNEWS.ORG's weekly news summary is sent to fedora-announce-list (hats off to tchung), so I think we should really point to that list as the single biggest way to keep track of new developments.
  • mether: which brings me to another point, what does it take to endorse as the official source for news in a similar fashion to
  • nman64: We do need to come up with a "stamp of approval" for endorsing high-quality sites.
  • mether: tchung, I personally think that should push out daily news updates
  • mether: tchung, weekly news can be just a summary of the daily news. waiting for news to get published makes it stale on many occasions

Next Meeting