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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-06-05

Meeting Time


  • lxmaier: AlexMaier
  • tchung: ThomasChung
  • nman64: PatrickBarnes
  • EvilBob: BobJensen


  • MaxSpevack

Meeting Summary

  • Agenda page at
  • Item #1
  • OSCON - BobJensen
  • The Conference Director for OSCON invited Fedora Project at 0 cost. July 24-28, 2006
  • EvilBob: I have had NO feedback from Jack Aboutboul on this, I sent an email 2 weeks ago
  • EvilBob: I will contact Jack again via email, if that does not produce results I will call him Stop (medium size).png action item
  • Item #2
  • Ambassadors Chroniclers - BobJensen
  • These will be folks who summarize Ambassadors activites week after week. BobJensen will put this as a task for himself ASAP
  • lxmaier: EvilBob: do you still wish to pursue this?
  • lxmaier: if not, we can do two things,
  • lxmaier: 1) drop it altogether
  • lxmaier: 2) find a new foster father for it
  • EvilBob: lxmaier: If someone outside of FAMSCo is willing to take it up I will help and supervise
  • lxmaier: EvilBob: this is exactly how it should work, since we can't do all the work ourselves
  • nman64: We need to get someone writing for the Weekly Reports.
  • lxmaier: the chroniclers were supposed to write stuff, while the weekly report would be a compilation (selective) of what happened each month
  • EvilBob: nman64: I think the same person could do both tasks as they are releated
  • lxmaier: it's like many journalists and one monthly digest
  • lxmaier: EvilBob: yeah, like the project lead could compile the monthly report
  • lxmaier: and the project members would contribute short articles
  • lxmaier: EvilBob: so yeah, go forward and find a worthy lead for this initiative then :)
  • EvilBob: I will work over the neext week to see what I can do to find someone for this Stop (medium size).png action item
  • Item #3
  • Personal CLA reminders - BobJensen
  • Bob will contact members personally and push them to sign the CLA and get more actively involved
  • lxmaier: which we kind of discussed above :)
  • EvilBob: lxmaier: I need to hook up with tchung and nman64 on this to see if we can "build a list" of people that need to be talked to Stop (medium size).png action item
  • Item #4
  • Budget update - MaxSpevack
  • lxmaier: last edited 2006-04-21 13:27:39 by GregDeKoenigsberg
  • lxmaier: so okay, i will ping max about the budget
  • Aside Item
  • FAMSCo Task Group reports
  • lxmaier: i think we have reached the stage where we can switch to having the task group reports submitted weekly by email BEFORE the famsco meeting Stop (medium size).png action item
  • Item #5
  • LinuxTag update - GregDeKoenigsberg
  • Will follow up with GeroldKassube and FlorianBrand for an event post-mortem
  • tchung: Well, as you know. He sent out a report by email but it was never posted on wiki.
  • tchung: so I took a liberty and posted on the wiki.
  • tchung:
  • lxmaier: in the future though, we do need to make sure the ambassadors follow through
  • lxmaier: i mean, it's in the conditions for reimbursement, to produce a report on the wiki
  • Item #6
  • Famsco re-election - RahulSundaram
  • Create a procedure for re-election of Famsco membership and set regular election schedule
  • lxmaier: we will keep this on the list, but will not take any action until i guess august-september
  • nman64: That's still something that needs to be taken care of, but we'll largely be following in the footsteps of other projects.
  • lxmaier: we need the procedures, yes, but we have time, since we have just gotten elected
  • lxmaier: i agree with all this, but this is a non-urgent issue. like "important, but not urgent"
  • lxmaier: by end of september we better have something in place, and the rotation schedule would be part of this.
  • lxmaier: i will ping mether on this issue and see what he says Stop (medium size).png action item
  • Item #7
  • Schwag guidelines - Schwag/Events task group
  • Create a set of guidelines to distribute schwag and to produce it locally, in line with Reimbursement guidelines
  • lxmaier: we still have no guidelines
  • EvilBob: and as a group we have had very little team discussion
  • EvilBob: this is going to have to change if our groups will be of value
  • Item #8
  • Fedora privacy protection AlexMaier
  • Disiplinary measures for members who share their address books with third-party services June 15, 2006
  • lxmaier: i will write the guidelines and publish them on the famsco list by june 15 Stop (medium size).png action item
  • nman64: Something key with this: it really only affects the mailing list. Ambassadors can't share all other ambassador's addresses easily.
  • nman64: It's only happened a couple of times, and this last one was an admitted error.
  • EvilBob: I don't think any current ambassadros will make the same error
  • lxmaier: nman64: we need to mention this somewhere, in case they do not know what actions like this may entail
  • tchung: Well, best place will be "Code of Conduct" wiki page.
  • lxmaier: nman64: i'll whip up something short and sweet in about a week. if you all will like it, we'll post it. Stop (medium size).png action item
  • Task Group Reports
  • lxmaier: task group reports will follow by email.
  • lxmaier: due in 36 hours.
  • lxmaier: next time round, we'll have the reports in *before* the meeting Stop (medium size).png action item

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