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FAmSCo Meeting Minutes: 2006-06-26

Meeting Time



Meeting Summary

  • Agenda page at
  • Task Group reports
  • Budget - MaxSpevack
  • MaxSpevack reports
  • Couple things to report
  • first -- I am in the midst of doing a full audit of *all* Fedora budget with the Red Hat finance folks
  • so a subset of that is the Ambassadors budget
  • it's not finished yet, but it's in the works.
  • My organizational scheme will probably involve
  • retiring the Ambassadors/Budget page and creating a new page, that can track the entire Fedora Budget in a way that makes more sense to Fedora as a whole
  • but regardless of that, the portion that has to do with Ambassadors/Marketing will still be clear
  • with regard to budget around FUDCon
  • we set aside funds for FUDCons, so we have enough money to hold them. IT is my hope that the North American one won't cost that much
  • because if we do one in Brazil, it will be expensive I'm sure
  • Member Services
  • ThomasChung reports
  • As of today (2006-06-26), we have 92 *approved* members.
  • and we have 3 more new members since last report.
  • gregdek_home: How does that compare to, say, 3 months ago?
  • tchung: Back in 2006-03-28, we only had 53 members. :)
  • Schwag/Events
  • MaxSpevack reports
  • i forwarded to famsco-list the email i got from brandfuel
  • basically their response to the international shipping costs was
  • "we know it's high, we feel your pain, but there's nothing we can do" you can read it yourselves
  • so this makes Jack's event kit initiative even more important, especially because part of that initiative is enabling the LOCAL production of swag/DVDs, etc
  • mether: Red Hat want this as a business, we should just let people do their own thing as long as they follow the brand guidelines
  • mspevack_hm: mether's point is that we (Red Hat) can't get into the business of shipping
  • mspevack_hm: so all we can do is provide guidelines and organization
  • mspevack_hm: which is what Jack is working on
  • See "Fedora Event Kit" below Misc
  • OSCON - BobJensen - The Conference Director for OSCON invited Fedora Project at 0 cost - July 24-28, 2006
  • BobJensen not present
  • gregdek_home: I think OSCON would be good for me.
  • mspevack_hm: if you go, i'd be feeling much better about the event :-
  • gregdek_home: OK. I'll see if I can arrange travel tomorrow.
  • Re-assigned to GregDeKoenigsberg
  • Personal CLA reminders - BobJensen - Contact members personally and push them to sign the CLA and get more actively involved
  • BobJensen not present
  • Re-assigned to RahulSundaram
  • Budget update - MaxSpevack - Max will go over the current spend and update the table on Budget with the recent numbers.
  • MaxSpevack reports
  • Already discussed. See above
  • Famsco re-election - RahulSundaram - Create a procedure for re-election of Famsco membership and set regular election schedule
  • RahulSundaram reports
  • mether: its not going to happen before FESCo does it
  • mether: I am copy catting the process and the infrastructure
  • mether: post FC6
  • mspevack_hm: offtopic, we'll probably do something similar for the Fedora Board
  • Schwag guidelines - Need owner - Create a set of guidelines to distribute schwag and to produce it locally, in line with Reimbursement guidelines
  • gregdek_home: Isn't that what Jack is now working on?
  • mspevack_hm: in reality, it will probably be done by jack
  • gregdek_home: Either assign to Jack, or since he's not in FAMSCO, assign to mspevack by proxy?
  • Assigned to MaxSpevack (w/ JackAboutboul )
  • Fedora privacy protection - AlexMaier - Disiplinary measures for members who share their address books with third-party services
  • AlexMaier not present
  • Misc
  • Barcamp - GregDeKoenigsberg
  • See
  • the idea of a self-organized conference of Fedora enthusiasts, with maybe a little bit of guidance from us...
  • Look at any of the barcamp events to get an idea.
  • The notion is that the *best* conversations usually happen *between sessions* at most shows.
  • So we allow that "between session" time to shape the entire show.
  • People commit to coming...
  • ...and then they show up in the morning and start choosing what sessions they want to do.
  • You put proposed sessions up on the wiki...
  • ...and whichever ones reach "critical mass" are the ones that happen.
  • If it's on "packaing Fedora Extras" or "making Fedora Live CDs" or "juggling for fun and profit..."
  • Doesn't matter.
  • Greatly increases participation, which has been a shortcoming in past FUDCons...
  • ...and also makes the barrier to entry much lower.
  • mspevack_hm: they are doing an open source barcamp in Raleigh in a few weeks, and greg and I will be there to see how it works firsthand
  • gregdek_home: So I'd like for people to consider it for now...
  • gregdek_home: ...and we'll bring this back up after we attend our local barcamp.
  • mether: how do you judge what is critical mass? people vote for it?
  • gregdek_home: Yep
  • gregdek_home: They put up big sticky notes at the front of the room. "Juggling folks, come here!"
  • gregdek_home: The idea is *only* to hold it if you get a *minimum* of 100 people who *commit to coming*.
  • gregdek_home: And from there, you've got enough people to do *something* interesting.
  • gregdek_home: I think it's key...
  • gregdek_home: figure out how to get the results of such events back to us, to inform everyone.
  • gregdek_home: And maybe that's where the ambassadors come in: they help to organize and report back.
  • gregdek_home: There's a lot of good documentation on "how to run a barcamp," too. They're becoming very popular.
  • Fedora Event Kit - MaxSpevack
  • mspevack_hm: has everyone read this?
  • mspevack_hm:
  • mspevack_hm: if not, that's a global action item
  • mspevack_hm: for all FAMSCO/Ambassadors
  • mspevack_hm: we need to mention it in the next Ambassadors meeting Stop (medium size).png action item
  • mspevack_hm: which I won't be able to make
  • mspevack_hm: I don't think it should be *discussed* on IRC, because that would be a nightmare, but I think we need to ask people to read it, and comment on the list. There need s to be discussion around this. It's a big deal.

Next Meeting

  • 2006-07-04 03:00 UTC Stop (medium size).png not confirmed yet
  • channel: #fedora-famsco (this is an invitation-only private channel)