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Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee Meeting - 2008-06-04

fugolini ok, we can start
fugolini Roll call, please
fabian_a FabianAffolter
iWolf JeffreyTadlock
spevack MaxSpevack, taking a page from quaid
fugolini FrancescoUgolini
fugolini AndreasR: roll call time
AndreasR AndreasR
fabian_a AndreasR aka AndreasRau ;-)
AndreasR AndreasRau
fugolini ok
fugolini Agenda:
fugolini 1. Release Party Contest
fugolini 2. Budget
fugolini 3. Membership
fugolini 4. Local Situation
fugolini 5. Rules
fugolini 1. Release Party Contest
iWolf !
fugolini iWolf:
iWolf I posted the email to the list summing up all the links to release party reports.
spevack i saw it. good stuff.. francesco and i talked a bit on list.
iWolf we've had some comments it that thread. We are going to vote on the mailing list, so use this time now to discuss whoe the winner should be.
iWolf and we can do a mailing list vote later this week as we come to a consensus.
* iWolf will add to that thread as soon as he gets a chance
iWolf eof
* spevack has changed the topic to: FAMSCo meeting
spevack well, i gave my comments on list, so i'll save folks time and let them just read it there.
spevack rather than repeat myself here
spevack but i do want to say thank you again to iWolf for organizing
fugolini me too
iWolf spevack: yeah, I was sort ofsaving my comments for the list as well.
iWolf spevack, fugolini thanks! it's been fun!
spevack so, what should we discuss here?
spevack and do we want to give ourselves a deadline for final decision on list?
fugolini i'm waiting for comments from the other members
iWolf a deadline would be good.
fugolini spevack: i think friday 20.00UTC
fugolini would be a reasonable deadline
fugolini eof
fabian_a +1
spevack fine with me
AndreasR +1 should work
iWolf +1
fugolini ok
fugolini Next topic: 2. Budget
fugolini Ambassadors/SteeringCommittee/Budget
fugolini max has done a great review of the following event
fugolini spevack: have you something to say?=
spevack ah
spevack budget
spevack well, the page really should speak for itself
spevack here's what i am thinking in general
spevack i am glad that we have some buffer built into Q2
spevack stuff always comes up, and we have money to support it
spevack also, i am always looking for ways to save money.
spevack there may be a *tiny* but of money left
spevack after fudcon
spevack which can be added to our general events pool
spevack so by the beginning of july, the picture for the rest o fjuly and august should be pretty clear
spevack I think we need to spend about $1000 on swag for the US
fugolini in the other continents?
spevack one moment...
fugolini *countries
fugolini oh, sorry
spevack the money for US swag will come out of individual budgets.
spevack for example
spevack ottawa linux symposium wants swag
spevack and we have some money for OLS
spevack $500
spevack so when we order swag, we'll use tha tmoney for it
spevack since there are no travel costs for OLS
spevack does that make sense to everyone?
spevack we're taking money already budgeted for several shows in the same region
spevack and pooling it together to make swag at a better price
spevack then distributing it
fugolini +1
iWolf spevack: makes sense to me. cheaper to get the swag in bulk than smaller orders.
spevack I want to do this in Europe too, probably using the company that Gerold and Joerg have been using for stuff. we'll see.
spevack so what questions about budget do you guys hve for me?
spevack I'm happy
spevack because i feel like
spevack the budget on that wiki page
spevack was more or less what famsco suggested
iWolf spevack: did quaid mention to you?
spevack and i am just making sure it happens.
spevack so the power is in famsco's hands
spevack iWolf: i saw it on th eevents page
spevack do we want to vote to give it some budget?
iWolf a vote would be good. I know it was added late, but hopefully there is some $$ left for it somewhere.
fugolini hhave you a suggested request?
iWolf fugolini: I have not heard an actual dollar figure being requested.
AndreasR !
fugolini AndreasR:
spevack quaid: ping
AndreasR first we should ask them if it is needed and how much is needed
AndreasR eof
spevack well, we'll see if quaid pops his head in and then we'll ask
spevack until then, what else on budget?
spevack are you all happy with the way we are managing our budget?
AndreasR !
spevack you saw my summar to ambassadors about the events we did in Q1?
spevack AndreasR: go ahead
AndreasR are the requestors satisfied with it... :)
AndreasR I am fine.. cause we have some left
AndreasR eof
spevack AndreasR: i haven't heard any complaints
RodrigoPadula hello guys.. sorry, my laptop is crazy!!
RodrigoPadula now.. i'm here again
spevack and Red Hat was very happy with the way we managed things.
spevack fugolini: what do you think, as famsco chair? are you happy with the way we do budget?
fugolini I absolutely agree with this one
AndreasR I am happy, too :)
iWolf I am also happy with how the budget has been done. seems to be working well.
fugolini it's the easiest way
fugolini and most productive way
spevack great, well if quaid shows up, we'll ask him what he needs for lindependence. and if not, i'll mail him.
AndreasR +1
spevack EOF for me on budget -- if you guys ever have any comments or suggestions, please continue to give them
RodrigoPadula !
fugolini RodrigoPadula:
RodrigoPadula hi guys
RodrigoPadula i'm very happy with the budget support
RodrigoPadula i think we are making good things arround the world
RodrigoPadula now, i'm improving the local community in LATAM
RodrigoPadula probably we will have some news fedora events here in the nex 6 months
f13 I have to say, the images and such from LinuxTAG were incredibly impressive. I'm blown away by what you guys put together.
RodrigoPadula and on the next year
RodrigoPadula so, probably we will need more support to LATAM
spevack f13: thanks, dude. the core linux tag team is really amazing
RodrigoPadula eof
AndreasR +1
spevack f13: since you're here
AndreasR thx
spevack f13: mind if i rope you in for a moment?
fugolini RodrigoPadula: invite everyone to add their event in the event list
RodrigoPadula yes
fugolini *everyone in LATAM
RodrigoPadula today we have a meeting
RodrigoPadula i will sugest it to all ambassadors
RodrigoPadula it's the way!
spevack f13: as someone who is a consumer of events budget and ambassador stuff, but not necessarily involved in it day to day (as you spend your time making sure we actually have something to talk about!), how do you think we're doing?
spevack ok, let's move on. quaid and/or f13 can jump in at any point.
spevack but we have more agenda topics
spevack and we're already 30 mins in
fugolini ok, any questions?
fabian_a not from my side
* spevack sent quaid a mail about lindependence
fugolini perfect!
fugolini 3. Membership
fugolini We had a discussion in the list
fabian_a !
fugolini ok, fabian_a
f13 spevack: sure. I'm here.
spevack fabian_a, fugolini: can we give f13 one or two mins?
spevack then get back to membership?
fabian_a sure
* spevack yields to f13
fugolini np
AndreasR yes
f13 From what I can tell, you guys are doing a fabulous job making sure that the attended events have the good stuff to use.
fugolini f13: feel free
f13 the planning is great, the material is great, and it seems to be getting put to good use.
f13 also I think it's being done in a very responsible way, in that you're not just dumping a ton of swag on somebody who's not prepared to make good use of it
spevack f13: that is definitely one of our operating principles... any suggestions for improvement?
f13 spevack: honestly I don't think I really have any at this time.
spevack f13: well, cool. if you do, you know whree to find me
f13 indeed
spevack f13: bathrobes for the US? :)
f13 disturbing
AndreasR :)
spevack f13: you know you want to see spot in a bathrobe.
spevack anyway..... well thanks for your time, jesse. back to the meeting then?
spot what?
AndreasR :))
fugolini ok
fugolini fabian_a: you can continue
fabian_a kital is helping with the ambassadors group
spevack spot: we're just having some fun :)
* spevack listens to fabian_a
spevack !
fabian_a We started with some tracking with the help of a gobby session
fabian_a Joerg sent the data to all who are interested
fabian_a But at the moment it's a pain because there was a break in the approval process after Thomas decided to quit
fabian_a During LinuxTag I approved many many new ambassadors.
fabian_a Today I got a message that there are 43 pending requests for the ambassadors mailing list.
fugolini i personally approved three ambassadors, just after i received their personal email
RodrigoPadula !
fugolini spevack:
fabian_a next time we should move things like membership services smoother because if there is a break it's much harder to continue
fabian_a eof
fugolini RodrigoPadula:
RodrigoPadula i would like to be responsible by LATAM ambassadors or be responsible by interview them
spevack i just want to make sure that we have enough people on the membership area of Ambassadors to get everything done, *and* more importantly, that the people doing it have enough time. if we need to recruit a volunteer to help us, we shouldn't be afraid to do that
RodrigoPadula how can i see where are they from ?
spevack it is a good chance for someone to take a new leadership role.
spevack but if we have enough manpower, then i'm happy
AndreasR +1
fugolini !
RodrigoPadula i would like to guide all LATAM ambassadors
RodrigoPadula eof
fugolini i think everyone could accept everyone
RodrigoPadula -1
fugolini I don't know if you read my proposal about
fugolini but the requirement
RodrigoPadula the ambasadors needs guidance!
AndreasR !
fugolini would be only: 1. Presentation letter 2. Bad action agains member
fugolini but we need to discuss it in the gobby section
fugolini with everyone, RodrigoPadula you are welcome in this way
fugolini write an email to Joerg
fugolini AndreasR:
fabian_a all requests goes to all of you should see who is requesting membership in the ambassadors group
AndreasR I agree with Max opinion.. it is important for them to grow up.. and it would be bad if the guardiance is up to one role
fugolini in fact, as i've said we have to use the same
AndreasR we should give other ambassadors a way to do this
AndreasR eof
fugolini rules than package group
RodrigoPadula why not by region ?
fugolini i think there are experienced persons
fugolini that could afford this duty
RodrigoPadula i'm responsible by the ambassadors on LATAM
RodrigoPadula and others by NA, APAC, EUROPE
fugolini the problem is that we have to guarantee a open process
RodrigoPadula so, we can guide directly any new ambassador
fugolini and not to risk that anyone could say we are closing our group
iWolf RodrigoPadula: I don't think anyone thinks you aren't responsible. We just wasn the barrier to being an ambassador to be low and more of a global standard.
RodrigoPadula yes
iWolf RodrigoPadula: and there is nothing that keeps you from guiding a new ambassador.
spevack RodrigoPadula: you are one of the most responsible and accountable guys we have.
spevack RodrigoPadula: believe me, if we didn't believe in you, we wouldn't just hand you cash ;)
fugolini +1
iWolf +1
RodrigoPadula in brazil we have a problem
fabian_a +1
AndreasR +1
RodrigoPadula if the system is totaly open
RodrigoPadula in two months we will have 1000 ambassadors
RodrigoPadula but the number of realy ambassadors will be the same
RodrigoPadula we dont need names on the site
fugolini I think we have to use the existing system
RodrigoPadula but ambassadors interested to be a REAL COLABORATOR
fugolini nobody remembers we have a pending period for newbie ambassadors
fabian_a RodrigoPadula: Add your input to Ambassadors/MembershipService#Membership_Check
iWolf collaboration happens in many, many ways though. We should be open to volunteers who are offering time they do have.
RodrigoPadula ok
fugolini RodrigoPadula: try to invite people in the first month
spevack iWolf: +1
fugolini if you see someone isn't "live" you could use the power
fugolini established by our rules
RodrigoPadula IMHO to be a volunteer, they dont need be a Ambassador, but, to be a Ambassador they need to be a real colaborator
RodrigoPadula to me... Ambassador is a important title
fugolini I think we could continue this discussion in the releated thread (Membership)
iWolf fugolini: +1
RodrigoPadula and the person with this title, have to work
fabian_a check Ambassadors/MembershipService#Membership_Check
fabian_a 7. Send an self-introduction to the Fedora Ambassadors Mailing list. Tell the world who you are, what your are doing, what you will do, and so on. We would also like to know what you want to archive inside the Fedora Ambassadors Group. Please do this within the next four (4) weeks.
fugolini Now, we are creating a sponsor group
RodrigoPadula eof
fugolini maybe we could organize a meeting
fugolini where we discuss about all those stuff and then we will write a proposal
fugolini after FAmSCo will approve it
iWolf fugolini: i think the mailing lists work better for this type of discussion.
fugolini iWolf: just because Joerg isn't a FAmSCo member
fugolini to have a open discussion with all the sponsors
iWolf fugolini: we can CC him if we want, I have no problems with him being in on the conversation.
* iWolf is biased towards mailing lists for lengthy discussion
fugolini Only a technical question: it's possible to connect both the M-L request and FAS ones, because the approval process is so confusing
fugolini but if someone has an answer
fugolini please write it in the membership thread in the list
fugolini eof
fugolini Any other question?
spevack fugolini: i think it would be worth having a technical discussion with some of our infrastructure folks, probably at fudcon
* spevack will take that action item
fugolini great
fugolini Just because i tried to fill the requests but it's really difficult to understand this
fugolini Next topic: 4. Local Situation
fugolini We just discussed bout some critical situations
fugolini Have you other ones
fugolini I read about LATAM meetings
fugolini RodrigoPadula:
fugolini requests?
spevack i think that if we can get NA and SA meetings straightened out, we'll be in good shape
fugolini I think it's important to have a great leadership in LATAM, and i think Rodrigo is doing this jobe great!
spevack i am very glad that Rodrigo is taking charge in SA
spevack /SA/LATAM
spevack and greg and i have been talking about NA
spevack if I may be honest
RodrigoPadula thanks
fugolini iWolf: i've read the past meeting log, great
spevack half of me wants to ask iwolf to do it, but another half of me realizes that jeff is already doing a huge amount, and thinks that it is CRITICAL that we continue to cultivate new leaders
spevack and let the current leaders help show the way
RodrigoPadula my mission in this year is spread fedora and create local groups in all south american contries
fugolini spevack: +1
spevack so iwolf, that's a compliment :)
spevack just wanted to make sure i expressed myself properly
spevack speak of the devil
fugolini lol
iWolf spevack: I agree, I am reluctant to commit to running each meeting, but I do have time to help get them organized and help a new leader get going with it.
iWolf spevack: thanks again for the compliment.
spevack iWolf: ok, i'm glad we're on the same page there. ;)
hpachas-PE RodrigoPadula: si se va crear nuevos lideres en sur america, seria bueno comenzar en hablar español (que es el idioma que mas hablan en sur-america )
RodrigoPadula the language is a big problem to the LATAM
fugolini In europe we have a lot of ideoms
RodrigoPadula hpachas-PE: si Hernan, yo estoy organizando las reuniones para resolver esto!
fugolini but we recognized enlgish as the default one
fugolini efo
fugolini Ok, can we move on?
* iWolf needs to go to a T-Ball game
RodrigoPadula fugolini: here all neighbors only talk spanish and portugues ;-)
RodrigoPadula eof
fugolini Rules
fugolini Just to point you in the wiki page
fugolini or something similar
fugolini sorry if we are late
fugolini ops
spevack shall we make Rules topic #1 next week?
spevack so we don't run out of time.
fugolini ok
spevack don't want to make iWolf late
fugolini it's better for me, too
fugolini Thank you to attend the meeting
iWolf sounds good to me!
spevack fugolini: Thank you for leading this meeting. AndreasR, fabian_a , RodrigoPadula , iwolf, thakn you all for coming!
iWolf fugolini: thanks!
fugolini == Meeting adjourned ==

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