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|REAL-NAME= Moisés Díaz [iktancore]
|REAL-NAME= Moisés Díaz [iktancore]
|HOME= México, D.F.
|HOME= México, D.F.
|image= [[File:IMAG0116.jpg|200px|thumb|right|alt text]]
|image= [[File:|200px|thumb|right|alt text]]
|FAS-NAME= iktancore
|FAS-NAME= iktancore
||irc-nick= iktancore
||irc-nick= iktancore

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My name is Moises Diaz. I am currently a student in computer science . I have experience with Linux distributions for more than five years. Currently, I use Fedora and Debian, and hopes to contribute to this community.

Moisés Díaz [iktancore]
[[Image:[[File:|200px|thumb|right|alt text]]|thumb|center|Moisés Díaz [iktancore]]]
Personal Information
Birthday: {{{birthday}}}
Home: México, D.F.
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: iktancore
Miscellaneous Information
private Mail: {{{pmail}}}
GPG-Key: {{{gpg}}}
IRC: iktancore on Freenode in
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Moisés Díaz

General Info

  • I have been using Linux since 2005. I have used Fedora since 2010 as well as Debian since 2005. I also have extensive experience with other distribution Like OpenSuse, Ubuntu...


  • Email: moises.diaz.guerrero AT gmail DOT com
  • Fedora Account: iktancore
  • Location: [1] , []

Languages Supported

  • Spanish
  • English

Activities within Fedora

  • Active member in the Ambassadors group fedora