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This is not the Ambassadors Join Start Page, go there first!

Explore the Fedora Project

Ask yourself how well you understand the different moving pieces that make up Fedora. As an Ambassador, you'll be asked about numerous parts of the Fedora Project. You don't need to have all the answers, but you need general familiarity with Fedora, and you'll need to know how to find answers.

  • Read how to be a successful contributor
  • Read Fedora Weekly News every week. Think about which parts of the Fedora Project capture your attention and imagination.
  • Read Planet Fedora every day if possible.
  • Read LWN.
  • Peruse the Fedora Mailing lists as much of the work in Fedora is done this way.
    • Here are possible lists to join.
    • You will be asked to join the ambassadors list later on in this process.
  • Lurk in any of the Fedora IRC channels.
    • #fedora-ambassadors is recommended, but a full list can be found here

If your attention and time doesn't get completely monopolized by some other part of Fedora, come on back to us and join the Ambassadors.