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* 在创建账户完毕之后,请返回这里完成剩下的步骤。
* 在创建账户完毕之后,请返回这里完成剩下的步骤。
{{Link/next | Ambassadors_Join_create_user_page/zh-cn | 申请大使资格 }}
{{Link/next/zh-cn | Ambassadors_Join_create_user_page/zh-cn | 申请大使资格 }}

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您想成为 Fedora 大使吗?这里有许多您期盼的:

  • 您是 Fedora项目的面孔,平易近人的您代表了 Fedora。Fedora 项目十分庞大,并且看上去很“可怕”,但是您能够帮助那些迷茫的人们找到*one person* finds their way through all the confusion into the place where they can contribute.
  • You are the glue. You help connect different people in different parts of the Project, because you are always dealing with people whose interests are different. You should be eager and happy to work with other parts of Fedora to solve problems.
  • People are the key. Everything that we do -- events, budgets, swag, membership verifications, blogging -- it's all done as an attempt to make personal connections with folks who either want to use or contribute to Fedora. Places where Ambassadors get together are one of the few times that Fedora contributors have an opportunity to meet face to face (other than FUDCons and FADs).
  • You are the expert in your region. You understand the culture, the needs, and the best ways to communicate about Fedora and FOSS in your region. FAmSCo and other "leaders" in Fedora *work for you*, and need to listen to what you are saying makes sense. We can't ignore the global picture, but we need to be flexible in adapting to local needs.

如果您对大使资格有疑问,请访问: 大使资格服务 或者咨询 <fama AT fedoraproject DOT org>。



创建您的Fedora 账户

每一名 Fedora 贡献人员都需要首先创建自己的 Fedora 账户。请访问 Fedora 账户系统(FAS) 了解更多情况。

  • 在创建账户完毕之后,请返回这里完成剩下的步骤。