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Draft of FAmSCo Statute

This is a DRAFT of FAmSCo Satuted: it could be subject to changes.

1. Definitions

a. "Ambassador" is a member of the Ambassadors Group in the Fedora Account System (FAS). See

b. "Fedora Ambassadors Steering Committee" (now "FAmSCo") is the representing body of Fedora Ambassadors Project (now Ambassadors Project).

c. "Local Contact" is the responsible person for one of the following regions: NA, EMEA, LATAM and APAC.

d. "Budget Manager" is the person that direct manages and distributes resource.

e. "FAmSCo Chair" (now "The Chair") is the coordinator of FAmSCo and the impartial body of Ambassadors Project.

2. FAmSCo structure

FAmSCo is composed by 6 members:

- Four seats are reserved to the local contacts.

- One seat is reserved to the Budget Manager;

- One seat is reserved to the FAmSCo Chair, elected by Ambassadorsaccording to the procedure of art. 4 ("Election of FAmSCo Chair").

3. FAmSCo functions


1. organize the general structure of Ambassadors project;

2. distribute resources according the principle of equity;

3. organize global initiatives;

4. coordinate membership management and the mentoring initiative.

5. promote the cohesion between Ambassadors and Regions;

6. promote the diffusion of Fedora Project principles.

When seized or when the situation requires it, FAmSCo judges on the disputes between ambassadors, including disputes between ambassadors and local contacts, according to the procedure of art. 5.

The other functions, if not required by the situation, are managed by local contacts.

4. FAmSCo Chair Election

FAmSCo Chair is elected by all Ambassadors, according to the procedures of the "Election Rules".

5. Resolution of Disputes

When it's asked by any Ambassador and/or called by a FAmSCo member, a Commission for the Settlement of Disputes (now "The Commission") is formed.

The Commission is composed by the FAmSCo Chair, 2 (two) other FAmSCo members not directly involved in the disputes and an Ambassador with a recognized experience of 2 or more years in the project.

By right, FAmSCo Chair is the president of The Commission. If it's not possible to take a decision on the dispute, The Chair can change the members of The Commission or proceed to a direct conciliation between the parties.

6. Final Provisions

a. A change of regions number and/or project structure will require a revision of this statute.

b. When not nominated, Budget Manager will be the FAmSCo Vice Chair.

c. If the Budget Manager is a local contact, the Budget Manager seat is hold by a member of Community Architecture or, if impossible, it's left empty.

d. The Commission, as art. 4 stated, could be seized to decide in order to any dispute on this Statute.