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It has been requested that this page be deleted.
This information is beyond ancient



buildinstall [--comp <component>] [--pkgorder <file>] [--version <version>] [--product <product>] [--release <comment>] /path/to/build/root

Actual command usage

buildinstall --comp _value_ --pkgorder _/path/to/pkgorder.txt_ --version _version_ --product _"product name"_ --release _"release name"_ /path/to/build/directory


--comp (not required)
Defaults to dist-7.0. This value is only used by the runroot command which is proprietary to RH and therefore is not required when used by regular users.

--pkgorder (optional)
Full path to =pkgorder.txt=, which contains a list of all packages in order.

--version (required)
If version is omitted, then the default value is extracted as follows:

rpm --qf '%{VERSION}' -qp $DIR/RedHat/RPMS/redhat-release-*.rpm

version is used by =mk-images= where it is written into the =.buildstamp= file.

version is used by =mk-images.i386= where it is written into the =isolinux/*.msg= files. Of course, it is first written into temp files that are later copied to =isolinux/=.

--product (required)
The value is passed to mk-images where it is written into the =.buildstamp= file.

--release (required)
Written into the =.discinfo= file by as the product release name. This value is what is displayed in the text mode ui when you are asked to do a mediacheck before installation.

/path/to/build/directory (required)
The path to the root directory of your custom Fedora distro, ie. =$BASE/fedora-custom/i386=