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Contributing to Anaconda and related projects

This wiki page aims to explain how and where to most effectively contribute to the Anaconda installer and related projects.

Not just Anaconda - choosing where to contribute

The Anaconda installer used to be quite monolitic, but this is no longer the case and there is a growing trend to split parts of Anaconda to separate modules and libraries. This not only help to improve modularity, but also makes it possible to use these libraries outside of the Anaconda installer.

So before contributing to Anaconda or one of its components, it is often needed to find out in which library or component the feature in question is implemented.

What follows is a brief listing of the various project under the Anaconda umbrella.


The Fedora/RHEL install itself. All installation specific code, the GUI, TUI and a lot of glue code for using the various Anaconda related modules and libraries belongs to the Anaconda project.





Initial Setup


Contributing code

Filling bugs and feature requests

Helping with Aanconda testing

Translations and localization