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DVD Install Walkthrough

Note this does not include the time required to download the ISO (1.5 hours here) and burn the ISO to a DVD (10 minutes), nor setting the computer to boot from DVD.

Total elapsed time, including media check, was 45 minutes.


Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss syslinux.png Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss syslinux2.png

Pick Ïnstall a new system or upgrade an existing system" from the syslinux menu.

  • basic video driver - why would I use this?
  • rescue installed system - okay, this is sensical, although I wouldnt think to use an install DVD for this
  • boot from local drive - better wording?
  • memory test - why is this here?

Ugly Black Screen

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss uglyblackscreen.png Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss uglyblackscreen2.png

  • vmlinuz... blah blah.... initrd.img.... blah blah
  • do people need to see this? :(

Media check

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss mediacheck1.png

  • Do you want to go ahead, or do you want to test your media?

Media check - are you sure?

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss mediacheck2.png

  • Do you really want to media test, or eject? This screen seems a little nonsensical in this order.

Media check - progress bar

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss mediacheck3.png

Media check successful

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss mediacheck4.png Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss mediacheck5.png

  • Just an OK button, nothing else you can do
  • The DVD pops out, which is an annoyance as you have to insert it back in

Running anaconda...

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss textmodeover.png

Seems to be a conversion between ncurses mode to graphical mode.

Anaconda Splash

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss splash.png

Language Selection

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss language.png

Keyboard Selection

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss keyboard.png

Basic or Specialized Storage Devices

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss storagetype.png

Cant upgrade

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss cantupgrade.png


Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss hostname.png Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss hostname-network.png

Time zone

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss timezone.png

Root password

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss root.png

Install pattern

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss installpattern.png


Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss partitions.png

Partitioning - Scary Notice

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss partitions-scary.png


Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss formatting.png

Boot loader

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss bootloader.png

Customize Repos

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss repos.png

Customize Packages

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss pirut.png Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss pirut2.png Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss pirut3.png

Installation Starting

This actually took a good 5 minutes or so.

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss installstarting.png

Actual Installation

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss installprogress.png

Post Installation box

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss post-install.png

Not really sure what the point of this thing is.


Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss finished.png

Firstboot splash

Anaconda-f14-dvd-ss firstbootsplash.png