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Anaconda iSCSI Cleanup


Improve anaconda's iSCSI support.

This is a complete iscsi rewrite replacing iscsiadm with the new libiscsi and adding python bindings.


  • Hans DeGoede <>

Current status

  • Targeted release: [Fedora 11]
  • Last updated: (02/10/09)
  • Percentage of completion: 95%

Detailed Description

iSCSI support in anaconda needed extensive cleanup. This patch replaces the code with new code using libiscsi.


  • Report error when we cannot add a disk instead of silently failing (461830)
  • Report error when trying to use iscsi from kickstart without having an iscsiname directive first (463156)
  • Better feedback while scanning iscsi disks
  • Make ibft work with chap and 2-way chap
  • Make ibft configured disks available for upgrades and in rescue mode
  • Make ibft boot work even when iscsi-initiator-utils is installed after the
kernel in the transaction

Benefit to Fedora

Fewer anaconda bugs and easier maintenance


  • Review and fix numerous reported problems
  • Include latest ibft, CHAP and reverse CHAP support

Test Plan


User Experience



Contingency Plan

none; this is a necessary revision of existing (broken) support


Release Notes

Not user visible so none needed

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