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NOTE: Be careful when it comes to using this on systems you care about. We're just starting to have good partitioning code, but there are bound to be some bugs around which disks get used and which partitions get wiped and the like. Tread carefully.

As of the git "newui" branch of anaconda on July 18, 2012, the following things should work:

  • Welcome Spoke:
    • Everything.
  • Network Spoke:
    • Everything.
    • (note: may not obey input kickstart file)
  • Summary Hub:
    • Not allowing you to continue until all icons have been removed.
    • Removing /!\ icons when a spoke has been visited and completed.
    • Removing the info bar at the bottom when all icons have been removed.
    • Selecting all spokes.
    • Status on incomplete spokes reflects what's being waited upon.
    • The storage and source spokes are greyed out until storage scanning is done.
    • The software spoke is greyed out until installation source is done.
  • Date & Time Spoke:
    • Everything.
  • Keyboard Spoke:
    • All buttons below the list of layouts.
  • Installation Source Spoke:
    • If you're booting from a DVD, you should get the option to install from it.
    • Media check.
    • Reporting entered source back to the hub.
    • Selecting various network sources changes the widgets available.
  • Network Configuration Spoke:
    • Everything.
    • (note: may not obey input kickstart file)
  • Software Selection Spoke:
    • Everything except custom add-on button.
  • Installation Destination Spoke:
    • Continue button should pop up one of three dialogs, depending upon what's already installed on your selected disks.
    • Detected disks should be shown in Local Standard Disks pane.
    • Review checkbox takes you to the manual partitioning screen, but you can't do anything useful there.
    • Shopping cart button in the bottom left should be sensitive only if any disks are selected.
  • Manual Partitioning:
    • Adding basic partitions.
    • Back takes you back to Installation Destination Spoke.
    • Clicking the autopart button causes a new installation entry to be generated with autopart settings.
    • The delete button works and asks for confirmation of on-disk filesystems.
    • Existing installations are detected and get their own entries on the left-hand side.
  • Personalization (progress) Hub:
    • Progress reporting for partitioning and package installation.
    • Install actually works.
  • In General:
    • Keyboard navigation (tab, alt-whatever, etc.).
    • Kickstart installs more or less work, though custom partitioning isn't there yet.
    • Spokes should remember what was entered if you go back and forth.
    • Unhandled exceptions kill the UI but leave you sitting at tty1 looking at the traceback.