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Comparison Between Install Methods

For now, this just includes fresh Live Media and DVD installs. TODO I'm hoping to look at upgrades via DVD and network installs (via boot CD) at some later point.

Live Media DVD
Time to Complete (from syslinux to full login) ~20 minutes 1 hour
Resulting package set TBD TBD
Rescue system Not sure Yes
External yum repo package installs No Yes
Package set customization None Available via pirut
Upgrades existing system No Yes, within 2 releases
Updated packages not present on media at install-time No Yes
Title in Syslinux "Welcome to Fedora-F14-x86_64-Live-Desktop!" "Welcome to Fedora 14!"
Syslinux Memory test Yes Yes
Media check No Yes
Verify & boot Yes No
What happens after syslinux? Flash of a light grey screen, then plymouth ~30s of black screen with techno-babble scroll
Newt interface parts No Yes
Installer language selection Via GDM dropdown before launching anaconda Dedicated screen in anaconda
Splash Screen Yes Yes
Keyboard layout selection Yes Yes
Basic & specialized storage device selection support Yes Yes
Hostname selection Yes Yes
Timezone selection Yes Yes
Root password selection Yes Yes
Install pattern (replace Linux, use whole drive, etc.) selection Yes Yes
Partition layout (optional) Yes Yes