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Xen Install

This is a (mostly ordered) list of what's required for doing installations into a Xen guest. Note that this is predicated on the assumption of the fact that you want to do the install from within the guest to avoid oddities with SELinux or other such things.

  • Get xenbus changes merged into upstream xen. This will provide /sys/bus/xen/devices/... for probing Note.png Done.
  • Add BUS_XEN support to kudzu along with relevant probing code Note.png Done
  • Ensure whole virtual disks work with current xen blkfront. Note.png They work now
  • Note.png Note that lanana has xvdN registered as block 202
  • Add support for xvd devices to parted, lvm, grub, others? Note.png Doesn't look like this is needed
  • Add whole disk support to pygrub Note.png Present, needs some testing
  • Create images/xen/{vmlinuz,initrd.img} as appropriate with similar to how ppc is done. Note.png Done.
  • Change initrd.img to contain all kernel modules Note.png Done
  • Get anaconda installing kernel-xen by default for xen installs Note.png Done
  • Installclass with support for installing initial dom0. This includes booty changes to set up multiboot with hypervisor. (note that this isn't going to be an installclass now. but the same idea holds)

That's the first stage basics so that things can "work". We should also do the following as a secondary task

  • Simple UI to run in dom0 for domU setup.
  • Basic VM parameter setup (cpus, memory, #nics)
  • Where to point the disk
  • VT vs not
  • Kick off an install
  • Point at a tree given an install type
  • Pass necessary params on kernel command line
  • Use VNC for the install
  • Should be able to run in a command line mode and take a ks.cfg with some new directives. Make anaconda ignore them