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The Foundation Model is an ARMv8 emulator made available by ARM Holdings, Inc. It is being used for initial bootstrapping of the Fedora AArch64 initiative.

System Requirements

  • CPU: A 64-bit x86_64 system (the model does not run on 32-bit systems). The Model will frequently use 100% of a single core (typically, either 100% or 0%).
  • Memory: 4GB plus the amount of memory assigned to the Model (e.g., if the Model is assigned 8 GB, the total memory allocated on the host is 12 GB; if the Model is assigned 4 GB RAM, the total memory allocated on the host is 8 GB)

Package Requirements

To install the Model on a stock Fedora system, some additional packages are required. These can be installed with this command:

sudo yum install xterm x11-fonts-{misc,100dpi,75dpi}* telnet bridge-utils

Running Multiple Models on One Host

On a typical multi-core x86_64 desktop system, the amount of available RAM is more of a limiting factor than the available CPU power. If you have sufficient RAM, it is reasonable to run up to (host_cores-1) models simultaneously.

Running the Model on a Laptop

Since the Foundation Model often runs cores at 100% CPU utilization, using the Model on a laptop may result in short battery life and a lot of heat.


As a rough yardstick, /proc/cpuinfo on the Foundation Model typically reports around 200 "bogomips". An x86_64 host will typically report 5500-6000 bogomips per core.