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(USB Installation)
(USB Installation)
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Copy the USB image to an appropriate USB device (minimum 512MB USB stick).
Copy the USB image to an appropriate USB device (minimum 128MB USB stick).

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Fedora 21 Alpha for AArch64

Download the disk image


For the Applied Micro Mustang (X-Gene)

Network Installation

USB Installation

You must first upgrade to the UEFI (minimum 'TianoCore 1.1-rh-0.12') before performing these steps. Detailed instructions can be found here.

It is possible to start an installation of Fedora 21 Alpha without going through the steps of setting up a PXE server, and rather initiating a network installation through a USB drive formatted appropriately. This may be created using the Fedora 21 Alpha installation media provided, or the following prepared image.

Copy the USB image to an appropriate USB device (minimum 128MB USB stick).

MEDIA= # location of your USB device
xzcat Fedora_21_Alpha_Installer.img.xz | sudo dd of=$MEDIA bs=4M

Insert the USB device into the bottom port located at the back of the Mustang board (below the network port), power on the machine and interrupt the boot, choosing the 'shell' option. Once at the EFI shell, enter:

FS0:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTAA64.efi                    # NOTE - if you recieve an error try - FS1:\EFI\BOOT\BOOTAA64.efi

This will boot the Fedora 21 Alpha installer. When prompted, choose either VNC or Text installation.

Reported Bugs and Known Issues

  • During installation you may recieve the error "FormatCreateError: ('invalid device specification', '/dev/sda1')".This appears to be intermittent. Restarting the installation will usually work around the error (BZ#1109244).
  • At the end of the installation you may receive an error about removing or adding the 'EFI' boot menu entry, if so type 'yes' to continue the installation and once rebooted, interupt the boot process (press any key) add the menu entry as shown below (BZ#1151571):
TianoCore 1.1-rh-0.12 UEFI 2.4.0 Jun 17 2014 12:42:52
CPU: APM ARM 64-bit Potenza 2400MHz PCP 2400MHz
     SOC 2000MHz IOBAXI 400MHz AXI 250MHz AHB 200MHz GFC 125MHz
Board: X-Gene Mustang Board
The default boot selection will start in   4 seconds
Global FDT Config
	- VenHw(F40A3869-92C4-4275-8501-4491A1A20C19)/\mustang.dtb
[a] Boot Manager
[b] Shell
[c] Reboot
[d] Shutdown
Start: a
[1] Add Boot Device Entry
[2] Update Boot Device Entry
[3] Remove Boot Device Entry
[4] Update FDT path
[5] Return to main menu
Choice: 1
[1]  (199 MB)
[2] VenHw(6C9CEEF0-A406-11E3-A5E2-0800200C9A66)
[3] VenHw(02118005-9DA7-443A-92D5-781F022AEDBB)
[4] VenHw(F40A3869-92C4-4275-8501-4491A1A20C19)
[5] VenHw(B225ED30-6DFD-43A9-BF6B-5753358F2F70)
[6] PXE on MAC Address: 00:01:73:02:0C:E3
[7] TFTP on MAC Address: 00:01:73:02:0C:E3
Select the Boot Device: 1
File path of the EFI Application or the kernel: EFI\fedora\grubaa64.efi
Is your application is an OS loader? [y/n] y
Description for this new Entry: Fedora 21 Alpha