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AArch64 Stage 4 Patched Package List

This page lists packages which have been patched to build in Stage 4 of the Fedora AArch64 bootstrap.

Package Name Bugzilla Notes
atlas 969664
cdparanoia 969665
fakeroot 970692
fedora-release 969840
fuse Retrying with upstream patch.
gc 969817
gcc test build in progress (backported patches for java and lib64 support)
glibc 950093
gobject-introspection 969821
gsl 969853
httpd Uses ./configure. Needs updated config.{sub,guess} or %configure
icu 966077
imake 966087
jack-audio-connection-kit 969677
jemalloc 966089
js 958456
libaio 969680
libbsd 969682
libibverbs 969687
nspr 969837