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AArch64 Stage 4 Patched Package List

This page lists packages which have been patched to build in Stage 4 of the Fedora AArch64 bootstrap.

Package Name Bugzilla Notes
atlas 969664
cdparanoia 969665
fakeroot 970692
fedora-release 969840
freetds 966129 unpatched broken build in stage4 repo
fuse 970768
gc 969817
gcc test build in progress (backported patches for java and lib64 support)
glibc 950093
gmp 952383 unpatched broken build in stage4 repo
gobject-introspection 969821
gsl 969853
httpd Uses ./configure. Needs updated config.{sub,guess} or %configure
icu 966077
imake 966087
jack-audio-connection-kit 969677
jemalloc 966089
js 958456
libaio 969680
libbsd 969682
libibverbs 969687
nspr 969837
openssl 969692
ORBit2 966113 unpatched broken build in stage4 repo
postgresql 970661
ppp needs updated gcc w/lib64 support
qt Build with patch still in progress
rpm need to dump stage3 repo before using unpatched rpm
strace 969858 Fixed in upcoming upstream release
tog-pegasus Need bugzilla
xorg-x11-server 970654
webkitgtk3 Build with patch is still in progress