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Allwinner A10 Series

The Allwinner A10 is a Cortex-A8 SoC aimed at Tablets and Media device.

Community Project: Support for A10 Devices is currently provide by the community on a best-effort basis. The Kernel code to support the A10 has not yet been pushed into the mainline Kernel.

Fedora Arm Remix for Allwinnner A10 and A13 based devices

Hans de Goede has released an Allwinner A10 remix supporting a variety of devices including the Gooseberry development board, Mele, Mini-X, mk802 and mk802ii and more. It can be downloaded from:

Installation is easy:

  1. Download the image
  2. dd it to an sdcard, ie "xzcat Fedora-18-a10-armhfp-r1.img.xz > /dev/mmcblk0"
  3. Remove the card, and re-insert it
  4. Run to install u-boot for your board-type, ie: "sudo sh /run/media/hans/uboot/"

For a list of all supported boards and full installation instructions see the README.