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A BeagleBoard-xM used at Seneca College to test Fedora ARM


A modified version of the popular BeagleBoard, the BeagleBoard-xM is a very small, low powered ARM device designed with open source software development in mind. The Beagleboard-xM is produced by Texas Instruments and Digikey and offers a showcase for TI's OMAP3730 system-on-a-chip(SoC).

Technical Specifications

  • TI DM3730 Processor - 1 GHz ARM Cortex-A8 core
  • 512 MB LPDDR RAM
  • Imagination Technologies PowerVR SGX 2D/3D graphics processor
  • DVI-D (HDMI connector chosen for size - maximum resolution is 1400x1050)
  • 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet

For more information on the BeagleBoard-xM visit their website.

Running Fedora on a BeagleBoard-xM

To download Fedora for your Beagleboard-xM, visit our release page.