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Fedora ARM Remixes

Some ARM devices are not officially supported by Fedora because of proprietary drivers and firmware that do not meet the Fedora guidelines. Below includes a list of devices and links to unsupported Fedora Remixes.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is supported by work done at Seneca College in Toronto, Canada. You can find more information by visiting their site, including links to current release images

Allwinner A10

Hans de Goede has released an Allwinner A10 remix supporting a variety of devices including the Gooseberry development board, Mele, Mini-X, mk802 and mk802ii and more. It can be downloaded from:

For a list of all supported boards and full installation instructions see the README.

Samsung Chromebook

There is not currently a finished remix for this device, but very alpha instructions for building your own are available at Architectures/ARM/Samsung_Chromebook_2012. You might also try Darryl Pierce's instructions on his blog.

Creating your own Remix

Anybody can create a remix of Fedora 18 for their ARM device. Generally all that is needed is an appropriate kernel for the hardware in question. See Architectures/ARM/Installer for an introduction into building images based on a kickstart file. You can also download a tarball of a generic root filesystem for use with your own custom kernel: