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== Event owners ==
== Event owners ==
[[User:Jcm|Jon Masters]]
* [[User:Jcm|Jon Masters]]
[[User:Ctyler|Chris Tyler]]
* [[User:Ctyler|Chris Tyler]]
== Attendees ==
== Attendees ==

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[ARM] Fedora15 HardFP Bootstrap Virtual FAD - 2011/06/10

We wish to accelerate the bringup of Fedora 15 on ARMv7 systems running with hardware floating point (hardfp). To that end, it is proposed to have semi-regular bootstrap days, during which we will meet in a virtual capacity (on IRC, and over the phone) to build up through cross-compilation (and other means) the core packages required for Fedora 15 to become self-hosting on ARMv7 with hardware floating point.

When and Where

14:00 UTC, Friday June 10th 2011

IRC: #fedora-arm on

Phone: Access code: 1236987415

Toll Free Dial-In Number (US & Canada): (800) 451-8679

Etherpad: (including full list of international dialin numbers)

Event owners



  • Summarize requirements/sync up on build flags
    • Build for Cortex A-8, with AAPCS, and hard float (vfpv3-d16, not -d32)
    • Do not enable NEON (can add later)
    • Do not enable Thumb2 (confirmed can non-disruptively enable per-package later)
  • Current status of works in progress (DJ/Dennis/Seneca(?)?)
    • Plan will be to use DJ's bootstrap.git as a starting point
    • Extend stage2 script to on-target build up dependencies for rpm-build
    • Stash archives of populated build directories/bits on
  • Minimal dependency discussion for F15
  • Plan for building/co-ordinating builds
    • Follow instructions for setting up DJ's bootstrap script and minimal rootfs (target chroot)
    • Grab a few package dependencies and work on them (add support to stage2 script)
    • Tar up the resulting build tree and make them available to others
    • Others install build tree ("make install") on their rootfs
    • Once sufficient deps are done for rpm, rebuild things as RPMs
    • host bits on
    • Stage a Koji F15 instance with the working RPMs
  • Status before end of day
  • Plan for followup


  • Internet connection to log into IRC, and phone if possible (phone not essential)
  • A supported ARMv7 target board
  • Lots of coffee